Things You Should Know About Kanchenjunga Trek Before Climbing
Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek is one of the best ways to get close to Kanchenjunga Mountain. The trek is an integral part of the expedition for Kanchenjunga climb. Yes, it’s challenging, as there’s a lack of Kanchenjunga trek accommodation, but that’s what makes the trek interesting.

These are the things you should know about Kanchenjunga Trek before climbing.

Long Trek

The core Kanchenjunga trek spans for a duration of around 20 days, depending on how many days you spend acclimatizing. The trek might get even longer, if you choose to visit both North and South Base Camps, i.e. Pangpema and Yalung Base Camp. You will find a lot of opportunities to go for side trips on extended trails, for instance Sele La and Lumba Sumba Pass. Each one of these offers you new experiences and adventures throughout the way.

High Altitude Trek

The treks in Kanchenjunga Region takes you to few of the highest altitude places in the country. Most of the time, during the trek, you will remain at an altitude higher than 3500 m. The highest point of the trek is Pangpema, which lies at an altitude of 5143 m. Apart from that we have Sele La (4685 m), Yalung Base Camp (4500 m), Ramche (4360 m), and so on. It’s a challenge to survive, stay motivated and continue walking at such an altitude.

Strenuous Trek

Apart from the length and the high altitude, what makes Kanchenjunga trek strenuous is the rough terrain. As you go higher, you’ll realize the path getting narrower and further bumpy, with rocks everywhere. The landscapes get drier and snowier the higher you go. You’ll notice a shift in the vegetation, from green lush trees to plain fields as you go up. The climate, the altitude, and the landscape work together to make this trek challenging for the trekkers.

Not a Tea House Trek

The trek is meant especially for the individuals who like living in the wild, as the bed and breakfast facilities are limited here in comparison to other trekking routes.

Most nights throughout the trek you’ll have to sleep in your tent, depend on your ration for food, and get freshened up in the wild. It’s a different kind of fun being a part of a trip like this. You could get rooms and food here and there, if not at hotels, then at people’s homes.

Beautiful Nature and Friendly Locals

Not everything about the trek is negative or challenging. Throughout the trek, you’ll be mesmerized with the beauty of the nature. Whether it’s the beauty of the mountains, the forests, the rivers, lakes and waterfalls, you’re sure to be astounded many a times during the journey.

Also, it’s a great experience to get to know the locals, and be a part of their lifestyle, even for a few days. They make your trek further interesting and full of fun.

So whether you’re intending to go for Kanchenjunga Climb, or a simpler Kanchenjunga Trek, get your hands on Kanchenjunga Trek itinerary, and start planning your trip.

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