Backpacking in Nepal: An incredible adventure

One of the perfect destinations for all the tourist who love adventure and seek places for backpacking in Nepal. Not only being small, safe and comparatively cheaper, Backpacking Nepal comes along with an array of other activities that drive tourist attraction.

One of the best way to indulge in experiencing the touristy places, trek along the way along with witnessing the rural lifestyle of people around is backpacking in Nepal. Traveling in Nepal would provide a mesmerizing experience of living in a wonderful county enveloped within the Himalayas.

Travel to Nepal

Backpacking in Nepal

You can either take a flight or chose roadways to reach the incredible country landlocked by Bhutan, Tibet, India, and China. Blanketed by the scenic view of the Himalayas, Nepal has a jaw-dropping view of backwaters and is regarded as the paradise for all the nature lovers. Traveling in Nepal would be one of the best experience you would have in your lifetime. Once you arrive at the borders or at the airport, you need to have a Nepal visa. The tourist from all over the world is eligible for a visa on arrival. But it requires your passport and some money to get your travel Visa.

Nepal is one such country that houses the world’s most magnificent mountains along with providing the most memorable experience of backpacking in Nepal.

What to do in Nepal?

Nepal has been described as a land full of adventures. The prime reason being the presence of wise monks, acclivity hills that offers a breathtaking view, a wide assortment of monasteries, and not to forget the wonderful backpacking in Nepal. The country would never disappoint you in terms of adventure and other sightseeing activities. With a land that offers so much to its visitors, you cannot miss traveling to Nepal. Here, we have few things to do in Nepal.

  • Rafting beating the water current: For all the tourists who love adventure and seek opportunities for the same, the river rafting amidst the crystal clear waters is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. Rafting tearing the white waters would cause a tremendous adrenaline rush. The view of the waters flowing would definitely be a thrilling experience. The untamed flow of waters and the rapid flow would leave you to crave for more. 
  • Bungee Jumping: The Bhote Kosi rivers amazes the tourist by providing you with a thrilling adventure of Bungee jumping. The entire experience would be mesmerizing. Initially, you might encounter goosebumps but once you get into the feel of it, you would definitely feel victorious. Start with taking a jump from above the natural jump. There are experts who would train you to excel the task of jumping. 
  • Wildlife Safari at Chitwan National Park: Located in the heart of Nepal. The wildlife Safari is the best adventure to be done by the animal lovers. Housing a wide range of deer, rhino, and monkeys, you can avail the best experience by staying at the lodges nearby. You can also find various species of birds along with a center of elephant breeding and Bird Education Society. The heavily dense jungle amidst the tranquil surrounding turns the experience worth remembering.

Things to do in Kathmandu

Flanked by three squares namely the Patan Durbar Square, the Basantapur Durbar Square and the Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The city of Kathmandu depicts beautiful art forms, lifestyles, religious buildings and traditional architecture. Basantapur is the busiest of the all the three square. It is decked up with malls, shopping street and amazing food spots that drive the attention of the tourists. The other two square are also wonderful in their own way. Known for their famous liquor spots, they also excel in providing delicious food items. Staying at the hilltop would offer a heart throbbing experience along with a stunning view of the valley of Kathmandu and is the best things to do in Kathmandu.

Trekking In Nepal

Backpacking in Nepal is one such activity that boosts the number of tourists visiting the country throughout the year. The prime activity being trekking in Nepal.

Nepal – Land Of Mountains

Nepal is regarded as the land of mountains. It is comprising of 1310 peaks at the height of 6000 meters. Nepal has the world highest mountain namely, Mount Everest. Apart from Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri are the various mountains in Nepal that stand beautifully in Nepal. Mount Everest being the world’s highest mountain allows people the wonderful experience of climbing. However, climbing the Everest is monitored and regulated by the Chinese and the Nepalese government. Tourist can trek, walk along the vast trails, to provide a thrilling experience of backpacking in Nepal.

Trek on the Go

A Marvelous experience that allows the mountaineer to do some activities while backpacking in Nepal, includes the Everest base camp trek. Trekking in Nepal amidst the high mountains would be one of the primary reason people choose to visit Nepal. You might decide to visit the Gokyo Ri part as experiences less crowd and offers a broader view of the Everest along with a great trail to walk upon. The area has mesmerizing Alpine lakes followed by the Cho Oyu that rightly exaggerate the beauty of the surrounding. Beneath the path is the Ngozumpa glacier that adds more thrill to the entire journey of backpacking in Nepal.

Irrespective of the fact that the Annapurna Circuit Trekking does not provide the visitors with a lavish view of the mountains in Nepal, or solitude or even delicious cuisine, yet it is one of the most visited places by the tourist who dive for backpacking Nepal.

The Annapurna Circuit Trekking does not need any explanation as for the visitors who have earlier had this sumptuous experience have been rolling their eyes at the 128-mile long trail. The trek is comparatively rugged and has luxurious huts along with various pilgrim sites. It allows the users a holy and sacrilege experience.

Safety In Nepal

Backpacking Nepal must be on your top list this year but before heading towards the country. You must be wondering is Nepal safe? Despite home to the majestic Everest, the place where Lord Buddha was born and is an ideal destination for all the people who love adventure. Nepal is among one of the safest countries to travel too. People, there are very kind and welcomes their tourist with open hearts. To have a wonderful experience of backpacking in Nepal, contact trekking company in Nepal. They would answer all your questions and help your journey of backpacking Nepal a delightful one.

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