Humla is a mountainous district in Karnali province in the North-west corner of Nepal bordering Tibet. It’s the country’s 2nd largest district with an area of 5655 sq. kilometers and with an altitude ranging from 1500 to 7300 meters. This hidden region is rich in biodiversity, being home to too many endangered and elusive species

The government of Nepal has finally responded to tourism industry petitions by lifting the quarantine rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists, in an attempt to revive the pandemic-affected travel and tourism industry. Meanwhile, the Nepal government enforced new rules removing quarantine requirements for international travelers. We are happy to inform you that Nepal is now

Nepal is one of those countries that though devoid of enormous beaches is blanketed with the cover of mountains. And visiting Nepal could be on your top list post the devastating earthquake. It captivated the minds of millions of people across the globe. Nepal has regained its essence to warmly welcome the tourist. Even though

If you’re intending on a trek to Everest Base Camp this fall—or anywhere else in Nepal’s Everest region. The local officials have imposed some new regulations that you should know. However, tourist officials are muddying the waters with their message on vaccine needs, which may or may not be necessary depending on previous proclamations in

Are you considering doing the Annapurna Circuit trek? Well, you should not only think about it but also get out and explore. This breathtaking journey is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This enthralling region has incredible splendor to witness. You’ll be spellbound while trekking through picturesque villages, going through high-altitude mountains, and viewing some of the world’s

Throughout Nepal, there are thousands of mountains, multi-cultures, astounding natural beauty, fascinating civilizations, distinctive traditions, geographical variety, and a long and proud history. Each year, thousands of people visit Nepal to discover the beauty of this beautiful country. Also, one of the finest treks in the world is the Annapurna Circuit Trek, which still takes

From Kanchenjunga mountain in the east to Saipal mountain in the west involves thousands of mountains in Nepal. Our pride is increasing with the grandeur of owning 8 out of the 14 mountains over 8000m. This article presents a comparison between the most iconic trekking peaks Mera Peak vs Island Peak. Both peaks are one

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you’re now in the right place. Island Peak Expedition has to now be at the top of your wish list. Adventure enthusiasts attempt Island peak for delivered then, in reality, beautiful trips thru the Himalayas to test their bodies. Peak climbing in Nepal is the most adventurous and

The Gokyo Ri aka Gokyo Lakes Trek is one of the most spectacular treks in the Everest region. From the Sherpa homeland to the Gokyo valley, this trek follows the Dudh Koshi and Khumbu valleys, providing breathtaking views of four 8,000m peaks: Everest, Cho Oyu, Makalu. You’ll also have the chance to climb Gokyo Ri,

You’re interested in trekking but don’t have an ultimate idea of what it involves. Don’t be nervous! Based on this, our article highlights the 5 best Easy Treks in Nepal. These hiking trails are suitable for people of all ages. We’ll look at how to get underway with them for beginners. Nepal, the Himalayan country,