Nepal is mostly famous for its enormous mountains, and many of the beautiful national parks of Nepal such as giants Everest, Langtang, and Makalu. Nepal, however, has a lot more than just its mountains. There are 12 National Parks in Nepal that expanding from the lowland Terai region to the high Himalayas. The best way

Trekking to Upper Dolpo is one of the world’s least popular hiking destinations, once in your life, and one of our most iconic trekking adventures. Peter Matthiessen’s classic travel book, The Snow Leopard, is the worldwide pioneer in Upper Dolpo’s popularity. If you are heading to Dolpo, it is well worth reading. There is no

Manaslu Trekking is a dream for thousands of intrepid travelers around the world. But lack of planning and preparation when heading off to the high ground of Manaslu will ruin your Himalayan experience. Putting a required forethought and training for a successful trek is essential. Here are our’s 15 essential tips that will make your

The Upper Mustang Trek is one of the most beautiful tourism getaways in Nepal with its pure, ancient Himalayan complexity and Buddhists culture. It is as costly as you would imagine getting into this fascinating world of the Upper Mustang. However, the Upper Mustang Trek Cost is most expensive in comparison with other trekking destinations

The Upper Dolpo Trek, with its raw and ancient Himalayan nature and Buddhist culture, is one of the most beautiful campsite hikes in Nepal. It’s quite as costly to go into this mysterious world of Dolpo as you might expect. In reality, it is reasonably expensive comper to Manaslu, Langtang, and Annapurna due to the

Nepal has temporarily suspended its visa-on-arrival policy until the end of April. And Nepal revoked all mountain expeditions, including Mount those to Everest. It’s as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The Nepali government took those decisions after the World Health Organization declared a pandemic of COVID-19 on Wednesday.  Nepal has so

As you know, it’s crucial to talk about safe trekking in the Himalayas in the critical condition of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Today, we will answer all your queries concerning ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Nepal.’ Let us begin by saying that Nepal is not affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) yet. Nepal is still safe. You must, however, take precautions

Kanchenjunga range comprises five peaks, and the people believe that each one of the five mountains represents a set of different treasures: gold, silver, gems, grains, and sacred texts. That’s a reason, Kanchenjunga literally translates “Five Great Treasures in the snow.” The Kanchenjunga is a holy mountain. The first summiteers stopped a few meters down

Discover the majestic Dolpo region in Nepal. It was only open to tourists since 1989, the remote region, made famous by Peter Matthiessen’s book’ The Snow Leopard.’ Phoksundo Lake, its most beautiful attraction, is holy for Buddhists and adherents of the Bonpo faith. This reasonably easy trek does not involve high passes, winds throughout the

Nepal, the ultimate adventure destination, provides an endless supply of hiking and trekking trails for the intrepid traveler. Trekking in Nepal is hugely diverse; it ranges from a few days in rural areas to a few months (think Everest Base Camp). For its picturesque mountains, Nepal is known all over the world. The mighty Mount