The Impact Of The Earthquake The massive earthquake of 2015 sure brought Nepal on its knees, with around 9000 people dead, thousands injured or adversely affected, and 7 lakh people pushed into poverty. Nepal’s growth rate decreased from 6% to 2%, and 7 billion dollars are required to neutralize the damage. Along with all the

Langtang trek 7 days is one of the best trekking packages that one can go for, if they want to explore Langtang region. Langtang trek cost is quite affordable, and the difficulty level is moderate. The trek take the tourists through the most amazing villages, viewpoints and attractions that are sure to make the trip

Langtang Trek Nepal may not be the most popular trek in the country, but it sure has a lot of things to offer to the trekkers who dare to walk on its route. These are the 5 reasons why Langtang Trek is worth your money. Langtang National Park Langtang Trek route develops in the Langtang

Traveling is undoubtedly the most interesting thing to do out there. It is full of opportunities to learn new things and gain new experiences. But all these instances are possible only when travel safety is ensured. Travel safety doesn’t just keep you protected at all times, but also makes your trip much filling and full

Traveling is great hobby, and in fact, the best one. Traveling takes you to new places, lets you befriend new people, helps you gain new experience, which is impossible to achieve staying in one place. While traveling, there are so many travel hacks that you can follow to have an amazing journey, and to stay

Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Nepal, as the country is home to the most dynamic and beautiful landscapes. Thousands of tourists from different parts of the country, and from around the world, visit the hills of Nepal and walk on these trails every year. No matter which part of the country

Nepal has the most dynamic landscape, with so many high altitude hills and mountains. These gifts of nature offer the best treks in Nepal. There are so many long and short treks in Nepal, most of them the popular ones, and quite a few of them still unexplored. Whatever the case, walking on these routes

If there’s one thing that Nepal is known for, all around the world, it’s the mountains of Nepal. 8 out of 10 tallest peaks in the world are located here, which includes Mt Everest (8848 m), the highest peak in the world. With these magnificent giants situated in Nepal, mountaineering enthusiasts visit the country every

Nepal is one of the very few countries in the world that is blessed with diversity in nature, mainly in the context of landscapes, biodiversity, and vegetation. In these extraordinary terrains, one can find settlements that are not just aesthetically magnificent but are homes to various groups of indigenous people and their unique cultures. These

The philosophies, principles, and techniques of yoga are said to have existed in this world for millennia. And since the very beginning, there have been many gurus and spiritual leaders sharing their ways of yoga with the laymen. The people, on the other hand, have not just happily accepted these techniques, but also used them