The trekkers and mountaineers are using the Lukla airport each year because it is the gateway to the Everest region. The spring’s mountain climbing season starts in April with a particular uprising. In recent years, the aviation sector of Nepal has been booming. The tourists and goods are flying to remote corners of the Himalayan

All the Lukla flights (from/to Lukla) are re-routed from Kathmandu airport to Ramechhap Airport from 1 April 2019, until 30 July, 2019, due to the maintenance of the runway at Tribhuvan International airport, Kathmandu. The airlines have already circulated a formal declaration to this effect. The date and time of the flights shall be the

Dolpo’s hidden secrets will shine brilliantly–such gems as vibrant people, beautiful landscapes, mysterious canyons, cliffs, and crystal clear rivers. Skylines are shimmering in the mountains such as Kanjiroba, their glaciers and ice fields catching the eye, spiritualizing and enhanced. Upper Dolpo is well known for the medicinal curiosity yarsagumba and the modern-day gold rush. But

The allegiance of the Phurba (Sa Phur) tradition, i.e., involving the wrathful deity of Dorje Sonnu who is considered to banish all form of the obstacles has prevailed since the time of Lama Lowo Khenchen (1456 – 1532), the son of the Lo’s 2nd King Amgon Sangpo (1419 -82). This influence could be due to

Traveling is the better way to explore the culture, tradition, and way of life. Nepal is not the only country of the Himalayas, but a nation to learn about the lifestyle, tradition, and their festivals. The culture and tradition of Nepalis in the high Himalayas is quite similar to that of Tibet. Tiji festival, celebrated

Tamang Heritage Trek is one of the most amazing treks from the Langtang region. The trek is named after the Tamang people who live here in abundance. The entire area is a part of their culture and heritage. Tamang Heritage Trail is quite short in comparison to other routes in the region, as the core

Ganesh Himal Langtang Trek takes you through one of the unexplored regions of Nepal. The trek is also known as Ganesh Himal Ruby Valley Trek. The trek is balanced with adequate fun and challenge, and so, it is meant for everyone. About Ganesh Himal Ganesh Himal is actually a range of mountains that is located

Kanchenjunga Trek is one of the best ways to get close to Kanchenjunga Mountain. The trek is an integral part of the expedition for Kanchenjunga climb. Yes, it’s challenging, as there’s a lack of Kanchenjunga trek accommodation, but that’s what makes the trek interesting. These are the things you should know about Kanchenjunga Trek before

Lower Manaslu Trek, despite being new to the family of trekking routes in Nepal, has got enough fire power to pump up your adrenaline. Manaslu Trekking is slowly gaining popularity, and Lower Manaslu Trek is one of the rising treks in the bunch. If Manaslu Circuit Trekking is a little tough for you, you should

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal offers the trekkers many challenges. Among all the exciting points in the Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary, the most thrilling one is Larkya La Pass. The trekkers experience great level of excitement and thrill while crossing the Larkya La Pass. In this Manaslu Circuit Trek Blog, we will explore all that