Nepal has the most dynamic landscape, with so many high altitude hills and mountains. These gifts of nature offer the best treks in Nepal. There are so many long and short treks in Nepal, most of them the popular ones, and quite a few of them still unexplored. Whatever the case, walking on these routes

If there’s one thing that Nepal is known for, all around the world, it’s the mountains of Nepal. 8 out of 14 tallest peaks in the world are located here, which includes Mt Everest (8848 m), the highest peak in the world. With these magnificent giants situated in Nepal, mountaineering enthusiasts visit the country every

Nepal is one of the very few countries in the world that is blessed with diversity in nature, mainly in the context of landscapes, biodiversity, and vegetation. In these extraordinary terrains, one can find settlements that are not just aesthetically magnificent but are homes to various groups of indigenous people and their unique cultures. These

The concept of yoga retreats seems to be more of a trend than anything else. There’s a growing number of yoga studios and retreat centers popping up all over the world, each with a different kind of focus. We’ve written about some of these retreats here on the blog before, but there’s still so much

Chitwan National Park is undoubtedly one of the most visited National Parks in Nepal. In the last fiscal year, Aug 2017 to Aug 2018, more than 95000 tourists visited the park, which is a rise in the number, in comparison to the fiscal year before that. The reason why so many tourists visit the park

Pokhara Nepal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is mainly known for its cultural heritage, natural beauty and the availability of numerous adventure sports. There are so many things to do in Pokhara that every international tourist makes it a point to visit this phenomenal city of lakes during

A paradise for all the adventure lovers and a heaven for all who love to crusade, Nepal is known for its tall mountains, the mesmerizing view of the hills, the sight of golden temple, the charm of the Himalayan surrounding and the exceptional exposure to the wildlife prevailing turns your Nepal travel, worth rejoicing. Equipped

One of the perfect destinations for all the tourist who love adventure and seek places for backpacking in Nepal. Not only being small, safe and comparatively cheaper, Backpacking Nepal comes along with an array of other activities that drive tourist attraction. One of the best way to indulge in experiencing the touristy places, trek along

Ever since mountaineers started summiting, Mount Everest has been the ultimate dream for most climbers. Climbers want to experience the thrill of being atop the world’s highest mountain, a little closer to the firmament. Not all of us, however, have the training, the resources, or even the desire to conquer this beautiful prominence. Some of

Tourism doesn’t only bring the joy of traveling but also a significant responsibility to respect the place we visit. Traveling evidently is a beautiful experience that remains embedded in the mind forever. However, it’s mandatory that going and touring isn’t doing at the expense of the environment. Any trekking agency and the tourists associated with