Ever since mountaineers started summiting, Mount Everest has been the ultimate dream for most climbers. Climbers want to experience the thrill of being atop the world’s highest mountain, a little closer to the firmament. Not all of us, however, have the training, the resources, or even the desire to conquer this beautiful prominence. Some of

Tourism doesn’t only bring the joy of traveling but also a significant responsibility to respect the place we visit. Traveling evidently is a beautiful experience that remains embedded in the mind forever. However, it’s mandatory that going and touring isn’t doing at the expense of the environment. Any trekking agency and the tourists associated with

Volunteering opportunities help to develop the societies, communities, and nation by exchanging their skills. Himalayan Exploration Treks offer volunteering opportunities to the volunteers around the world since its establishment. Himalayan Exploration Treks are operating not only the tourism business but also given equal priority for social responsibility. Our concern in the social infrastructure the equity

We are requesting you that to understand given trip or travel advice while traveling in Nepal you are preparing a vacation and going to reserve any types of holidays packages with any trekking or travel agency it requires We are requesting you that to understand given trip or travel advice while traveling in Nepal. You

Guerrilla Trail Trek Nepal, part of Rolpa and Rukum were getting popular once after the civil war of Maoist. Most of the village of Rukum and Rolpa were introduced due to the ten years of People’s war. Most of the People’s Liberation Army was of these places, and people suffered in this area too. The

You’re excited to be heading to that exotic travel adventure, but to a happy time. It’s wise to invest a bit of time upfront before departing on your trip. Follow this travel tips to ensure that your finances are in order. You’ve packed appropriately, and your travel plans will go off without a hitch. Before