Birmingham, England, comes alive with holiday pleasure as the days become shorter and the air grows crisper. During the Christmas season, the city takes on a wonderful metamorphosis and offers a wide range of thrilling events to both residents and visitors. Birmingham offers it all, whether you enjoy spectacular light shows, vintage markets, or just

The Mane Festival is the most exciting event in the world. Every year, the Nyinba community celebrates this festival that marks the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring. Humla is a highly remote area in the western Himalayas. It is a gateway to the Kailash Mansarovar and is situated nearby Api

Himalayan Exploration Treks has launched a new trekking trip to the remote regions of Nepal. The journey will take you through some of the most rugged terrains in the world. In addition, you will get to interact with the fascinating people of this beautiful country. The Tribal Trek to Nepal starts from Kathmandu, one of

Traveling is a better way to explore the culture, tradition, and way of life. Nepal is not only a country in the Himalayas but also a nation where you can learn about lifestyles, traditions, and festivals. The culture and tradition of Nepalis in the high Himalayas are pretty similar to that of Tibet. Tiji festival,

Volunteering opportunities help to develop societies, communities, and nations by exchanging their skills. Himalayan Exploration Treks has offered volunteering opportunities to volunteers worldwide since its establishment. Himalayan Exploration Treks is a socially responsible company operating in the tourism industry. Our Concern is the social infrastructure and equity in society. Furthermore, human rights, economic and cultural