The Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal is among the most epic treks in the world. It’s been described as “a bucket list trip like no other.” It’s a challenging trek—but that’s why it’s so worth it. While trekking is one of the most popular tourist activities in Nepal, not all of us have the

Are you planning a hike to Everest Base Camp or further? But You have no ideas how to find the best itineraries of the Everest region. The Five alternative trekking routes connect to Everest Base Camp, each with its set-up attractions. To help you choose the best trek, we’ve put together five itineraries that cover

If you’re intending on a trek to Everest Base Camp this fall—or anywhere else in Nepal’s Everest region. The local officials have imposed some new regulations that you should know. However, tourist officials are muddying the waters with their message on vaccine needs, which may or may not be necessary depending on previous proclamations in

Ever since mountaineers started summiting, Mount Everest has been the ultimate dream for most climbers. Climbers want to experience the thrill of being atop the world’s highest mountain, a little closer to the firmament. Not all of us, however, have the training, the resources, or even the desire to conquer this beautiful prominence. Some of