Himalayan Exploration PVT. LTD is a duly established and well-known local trekking company based in Kathmandu and specialized for the organization of Trekking, Expedition, Peak climbing, Jungle safari, Inbound Tours as well as Out Bound Tour in Tibet, India and Bhutan.

You are planning a vacation and going to book any type of trekking and tour package, there are certain things to know about the company why you choose to travel with us. These are the reasons, why with us.

Company’s Reputation: We never compromise to make down for our company’s trademark in the tourism industry of Nepal. We are known as a leading trekking company in Nepal with 16 years experience that have been proved our previous clients satisfaction all over the world. Our arrangements of the staffs are experience, qualified trained and professional in their field. We are confident that we are competitor to organize the trek/tour among the agencies. We dedicate for the best and quality service in the reasonable price. We do inspection for quality analysis of the foods that we serve to our valued clients during the stay in Nepal. In addition, our commitments are Safety and secure to get success in every project of our clients.

Company Legal Documentation: We assure to our valued clients that we are an authorized and registered trekking/tour operator agency. “Himalayan Exploration Treks Pvt. Ltd.” is registered under tourism act-1992 and Company act-2006 of Nepal Government and associate with all the legal documents such as Company Register, Internal Tax Department, Nepal Rastra Bank (Foreign Currency Exchange Department), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) Tourism Industry Division.

We are associated with:
1. Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
2. Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN)
3. Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
4. Sidhartha Insurance Company and others tourism related organization in Nepal.

Legal Operation: Be careful and alert! There might be found many companies running travel business without observing legal formalities of the nation. Also there are some companies whose licenses have already been expired but running business illegally.
Additionally, it has been found that some of tour operators abroad have been involved in directly operating tours and trekking without the required governmental licenses and without paying the appropriate taxes similarly many individuals & freelancers have been found operated a trekking illegally by creating their own personal website or by contacting personally. Some company has found no security policy such as medical and life insurance to secure their field staffs during the work. These types of operation are considered as illegal. Our staffs are well assured with the medical and life insurance policy. We only run legal operation to the law of nation.
Finally, if you book your trip with an unauthorized agency in Nepal or aboard, you will be troubled and can have a lot of risks there is a high risk that problems will occur during the course of your stay in Nepal. In order to protect yourself from these problems you are kindly requested to check the company before booking any trip so that you can make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Right Person in Right Destination: Our Company is dully established and well equipped by the field staffs who are already trained, qualified, experience and professional. Our company appoints like Mountain guide, Climbing guide, Trekking Guide, Trekking Cook, Trekking porter who is familiar with trekking route, culture, nature and difficulties of trails in the respective destination that’s why our valued clients could not get any inconvenience cause during the trek.

Team Spirits: “Unity is strength” without strong teamwork in the group any project may not be succeed. We conduct the training about the “Team Spirits to make success any project which organizes by our agency. Team spirit may help to achieve your goal in any form of your project. Among our staff, we are committing to achieve our goal by sharing our knowledge and experience among us. We never discriminate each other. We feel our family during the work and we all are serious to give maximum satisfaction to your valued clients. They are friendly, helpful and trusty. Without their great support, we may not achieve any goal in the category of trekking, tour and mountaineering. We respect act of ILO (International Labor Organization). We pay respected salary to our field staff according to Labor law of Nepal and its related organization.

Eco-Tourism: It is true that we cannot think this beautiful world for the future generation without ecological balance in the global. If the Eco-system is interrupted the species of the earth will be destroyed automatically. It is serious matter is arise in the global that’s why we respect the norms of sustainable and responsible tourism to protect the environment. We always commit to save Eco-tourism so that environment could not destroy. Therefore, we respect the nature, culture to develop the Eco-tourism activities and to save vibrant culture and authenticity. We would like to operate cleaning campaign project to clean in the trekking area, trekking peaks and great Himalayas in co-ordination with national and international adventure clubs, foundation and association.

Village Tourism: Geographically, more than 50 percent land of Nepal is covered by villages. Nepal represents a blend of ancient history, vibrant cultures and scenic grandeur. Although, Nepal is under developing country being politically centralize Government since century in the history. That’s why; villages are untouched by modern development and always under the poverty. They could not get basic amenities to survive their lives due to centralization of Government. Therefore, we would like to draw the attention of Government and related organization to bring the concept for development of village and to promote the village tourism in Nepal where tourist can explore the local culture, tradition, ethnic languages and people with the warm hostilities.
On the behalf of our agency, there are one dozen and half village treks are offer to our valued clients to raise the economic level of the villagers under the our slogan “INCOME GENERATE TO LOCAL PEOPLE THROUGH THE RESPONSIBLE TOURISM.”

Corporate Social Responsibility: We employ to the local people of the areas where we organize any form of tourism activities. We encourage to our valued clients to have the local foods during the trek and discourage imported food items.

Discounted Rates: We offer discount rate especially for students and family groups to economize their travelling budget. Also we propose very fair and reasonable price for group trekkers from the association or adventure clubs according to the group participants. Definitely, price will be depend on trek season and increasing cost of fuel and daily consume materials. It may cause up and down by different reason.

Partnership Organization:
It is our pleasure to extend our partnership organization in all the countries. We greatly enjoy working with international agents, individuals, adventure associations etc. We can work together with jointly venture for the international trade values in tourism business and to establish our company’s reputation in trademark. If you are interested, we are highly appreciated to share our commitments and agreements for the future business.

Humanitarian Action: Volunteering Opportunities. It is said that humanitarian begins at home. Our company has not been doing only business but also we have been organizing the humanitarian actions for our staffs and their family in critical economic condition because of accidents during the trip, natural disasters etc. We frequently organize fund raising programs to support for their family and children. We emphasize in good education and we distribute the cloths and school materials for the children. We give free English Language course for our staffs during the trek off-season in summer.