The Year, 2020 doesn’t seem to be a positive year for travel because of the economic uncertainty induced by COVID-19. Due to the ongoing situation, we have had to cancel our trekking expeditions for 2021. However, we remain hopeful and expect your next expedition trip in 2022. We have released our new booking policy for your upcoming expedition, which is valid until 2024.

Disruptions to your travel may occur because of the changing situation of the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ll update this page with the most recent details about your trips. So you’ll be ready and aware if anything changes.

If COVID-19-related travel restrictions impact your travel, so, we will contact you.


We will amend itineraries or cancel or suspend trips if the government, WHO, or local health authorities recommend against travel or impose extreme restrictions on movement within a country.

Offering the flexibility to transfer your travel plans to a future date and will not charge for a date change. You may request a refund credit note valid for reservations if this isn’t suitable.

We will always follow the WHO and the Government’s advice and will not operate trips to areas where the direction is against all non-essential travel.

The decision about whether we can operate upcoming trips since the advice may change anytime. We will not usually make changes to tours over six weeks before the travel date, whereas if advice for a country is temporarily against all non-essential travel.

Keeping you safe while on our trips
To be vigilant about potential virus exposure for themselves and group members, we have provided adequate training for our staff. As a result, they are mindful of the symptoms and take standard protective measures.

We request that all clients on our trips self-screen before travel to ensure that they do not join a journey after exposure to infection risks higher than expected.

If required to ensure your safety, we will reschedule or cancel trips.

Any of our clients who have reason to believe they are at a higher risk of infection than expected should contact us to discuss the relevant action.

It includes people who believe they may have been in close contact with an infected person in their home country or abroad.

Pre-travel checks
We recommend reviewing your government’s travel advisory service for details on your destination country.


The leader will describe current government guidance on Coronavirus symptoms and self-isolation at the beginning of the event (this will include a check that no candidate should be self-isolating). Under government protocol, participants will be asked to leave immediately if they exhibit symptoms at any point during the event.

Hand sanitizer will always be available. Our leaders will encourage hand washing and sanitizing regularly.

Participants will be seated at break and lunchtime according to current guidelines during the trip. Venue sizes will be assessed, and appropriate participant numbers will be allocated to ensure physical distance is possible.

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination, participants must arrive each day of the course wearing clean clothing.

Our leaders will deliver as much of the event as possible outside and explain the hygiene and infection control measures in place. To reduce risk, participants will allocate to small groups to work in.

Please bring your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as disposable gloves and surgical masks, to our events and expeditions. When introducing the outdoor sessions, participants must wear PPE; the leader will follow and explain current government guidance. We’ll have extras in place for those who forget!

Leaders must complete a reasonable inspection of all equipment following the Himalayan Exploration Risk Assessment. A copy of our full Covid-19 Risk Assessment is available upon request.

When signing up for the program, participants will email the instructions detailing what equipment to bring to minimize risk.

Our trips adhere to Nepal Government, ATTA, and public health Covid-19 guidelines.


The year 2020 is already shaping up as an incredible year. Undoubtedly, it’s challenging, presenting us and the world with risks and uncertainties. However, It is an opportunity for all of us to rediscover and reconnect with our comfort zones. The great outdoors, nature!

How can I plan a trip while the Covid-19 travel restrictions remain in effect?

We want to travel, and we want you to travel.

Beyond that, we want you to plan your next adventure and even book your next adventure! Our most incredible supporters and advocates remain our customers, so we do all we can to help you do the same.

We can’t predict the significant impact that Covid-19 may have on our travel abilities. To get you back outdoors, we’re preparing our guides, consulting with government and health officials, the ATTA, and, most importantly, connecting with locals.

Because of many factors, we can operate our excursions as a low-risk activity for Covid-19 transmission. Trekking usually takes place in well-ventilated environments, requires little to no equipment sharing is practiced in small groups. This makes it easy to take part while maintaining a social distance.

Our operating conditions develop as we understand the virus and the local conditions modify. Make sure you check back as frequently as you need any updates.


Our Covid-19 Sreategy

We typically spend our time in small groups in the great outdoors (which is a low-risk environment).

To reduce the risk of material-to-person contamination, we’ve changed from physical welcome packs to electronic versions, which are now delivered via email and have the added benefit of minimizing our paper usage.

In response to the current environment, we’ve added new policies and guidelines, such as limiting group sizes to eight members.

The best experience for all our customers is crucial, as our responsibility to the local communities into which we venture.

It will continue to be a group effort. There’s no way we’ll be able to accomplish this without your help and cooperation.

We’re all in this together!

You can read a complete COVID-19 Health Policy here.


Please take advantage of our flexibility scheme and travel with confidence during COVID-19. Regarding all future bookings, you can book, cancel, or re-book a trip without cost using the options outlined below.

Return to Travel: Book with Confidence

We decide to keep the coverage gap more flexible for the customer while making reservations. You can book your trip with no change costs up to 15 days before departure, which applies to any departure until December 31, 2022, so get your travel plans in the diary as soon as possible.
Lifetime Deposit
Only a 5% booking deposit applies to the total trip cost to confirm your booking. It should make the final payment before 72 hours of the trip start date.
We acknowledge that plans are subject to change. To transfer your 5% deposit to a future trip, call or email us with the information at least 15 days before your trip’s departure date. We’ll take care of the rest.
Reschedule Your Expedition
For peace of mind, if your plans change or are postponed, you can change or reschedule your trip to any of our departures up to 15 days before your original trip start date.
Transferable Travelers
If your travel companions cannot join your scheduled trip for any reason, you can transfer any or all of them to a future booking up to 15 days before departure.
However, if you reschedule at the time of the cancellation, the total amount, except unrecoverable costs, will be billed for the rescheduled trip. No rescheduling fees or no hidden costs!
Refund outside 15 days.
To receive a refund less your deposit, notify us whether you wish to cancel at least 42 days before your trip’s departure date.
The total amount will be charged if you cancel after 72 hours of the start date.

COVID-19 Related FAQs

There will still be some risks involved while the current pandemic and after. However, we have established comprehensive protocols to ensure that every aspect and activity in our adventures is carried out in the safest way possible. We are proud to be adhering to Nepal Government, ATTA, and public health Covid-19 guidelines.
Yes, masks should be worn all time. We request all travelers to adhere to local safety guidelines while on the trip.
All our prices on the website are based on twin share accommodation. We can arrange a single room at your request and subject to availability.
If you have already suffered from Covid-19 and recovered that’s no problem. We always try to protect your financial loss but as you know at the last hour of your departure there are so many expenses that have occurred. The balance will be credited for the valid booking of your next trip and deduct unrecoverable expenses.
We will do everything to uphold safety including providing hand sanitizers. But we recommend travelers bringing their own for the times when they may not be available.
Yes, we will maintain as much distance as possible from all group members on the trip. It is also mandatory to wear a face mask on all trips. It is more important, however, that we remain separate as a group, everyone in our own ‘bubble.’ If we are cautious and comply with this protocol, we will be in a safe environment, since everyone on the trip has recently received a negative COVID test result

Book With Confidence FAQs

Our Book with confidence policy lets you the flexibility to cancel or rebook your expeditions 15 days before your trip date.

Choose your desired expedition to fill out the form with the required information and kindly get in touch with us or Email us with your requirement for a holiday.
Yes, it is 100% safe because we are a completely Government accredited and bonded company in Nepal. If you cannot join the trip or we have to amend the trip due to security reasons, we will grant you a 100% credit of your sum for the future departure date. There will be no fees associated with rescheduling the travel.
Yes, we accept all major credit cards and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and UnionPay.

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