Excitement And Thrill Of Crossing The Larkya La Pass
Crossing The Larkya La Pass

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal offers the trekkers many challenges. Among all the exciting points in the Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary, the most thrilling one is Larkya La Pass. The trekkers experience great level of excitement and thrill while crossing the Larkya La Pass. In this Manaslu Circuit Trek Blog, we will explore all that in detail.

About Larkya La

Larkya La Pass is the highest point of Manaslu Circuit Trek, as it is situated at an altitude of 5125 m. It is the longest Himalayan pass in Nepal, and it divides Manaslu Region and Annapurna Region.

You will reach Larkya La while making your way from Dharamsala (4460 m) to Bhimthang (3800 m). The pass is also considered as one of the toughest to cross in Nepal. The terrain is rough, and a high altitude storm can start at any moment here. On top of everything, it’s a long trek, requiring around 4 to 5 hours to walk across the pass.

So get ready with your Manaslu Circuit Trek Map to embark on this exciting journey. It’s a great experience to feel the excitement and thrill of crossing the Larkya La Pass.

Excitement and Thrill of the Trek

What makes the experience of crossing Larkya La Pass so full of thrill and excitement is the journey altogether. From the very beginning of the journey, when you start your walk from Arughat, the excitement builds up. Every passing day gets you closer and closer to Larkya La. You feel the air getting thinner, the rise in the altitude, the terrain getting rougher, and the green lush landscapes being replaced by dry rocky and snowy ones. All this makes you more and more excited.

You get further impatient about being on the pass when you see the mountains getting closer to you. The views gets better and more stunning, and despite the fact that the journey is quite challenging, it all seems worth it. The level of thrill rises when you reach close to these giants, and find yourself surrounded by snow.

On the day when you make you make your way through Larkya La, you’ll also come across certain other attractions, for instance the Larkya Peak (6249 m), which lies in close proximity to Larkya La. You’ll also pass by Birendra Tal, which is a popular and pristine high altitude lake in the region. Also, you’ll see the Larkya Glacier flowing at a very slow pace. All these attractions add to your experience, making your encounter with Larkya La more exciting and full of thrill.

So, if you’re considering going for a trek to Larkya La, well go ahead. You’re sure to cherish each and every moment in the journey, and definitely feel the excitement and thrill of crossing Larkya La Pass.

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