5 Ways Dolpo Circuit Trek Fires Up Your Adrenaline
Dolpo Circuit Trek

It’s not much better to challenge Himalayan treks than this. True Himalayan aficionados will already be fascinated by Dolpo’s simple reference and most probably motivated by studying Peter Matthiessen’s famous novel ‘The Snow Leopard’ as well as being relocated by the trails and tribulations of ‘Thinle’ in Eric Valli’s genuinely magical movie ‘Himalaya.’ Dolpo has a mythical status for those who are informed. The Dolpo circuit trek is a significant logistic effort, given the nearly nonexistent facilities for proceeding with trekking groups. Still, countless advantages from such relative isolation are ready to address the treks with many difficulties for the untimely tourist.

There is no doubt that the Upper Dolpo Trek is one of Nepal’s tougher and longer treks, with many camps over 4000 meters above sea level and some high passes. However, it is ideal on a journey in Nepal to treasure new experiences and perspectives for savvy trekkers. It requires a top level of fitness, and an organized tour is essential because there is little-to-no tourism infrastructure here. The high degree of happiness Dolpo circuit trek is different from the rest of the treks; it is also exciting and exhilarating because of the toughness. The following are the 5 Ways Lower and Upper Dolpo Trek Fires up your Adrenaline.

Dolpo Circuit Trek: High altitude settlements

Most of the journey is over 4000 meters from sea level while going to The Upper Dolpo Trek. Likewise, it goes through many villages that carry proof of the highest elevation of the human settlement. 

Dho-Tarap is almost a four-day trek from Dunai Bazar, headquarters of Dolpo.  This valley’s topography is beautiful, whereas people grow barley, wheat, potatoes, and buckwheat.

It looks stunning at this stuff’s harvesting time.  You can watch individuals residing on this earth’s highest altitude during the Lower Dolpo Trekking also.

Shey Gompa and Cyrstal mountain

In every Dragon year, the 12 yearly Shey festivals fall in line with the Tibetan lunar calendar.  Although it’s a summer festival, the most significant is the 12th annual Dragon Year.

According to a myth, 790 years ago, Lama Duptop Singye had studied this holy Shey in the year of Dragon, instigating this festival’s tradition. According to the Buddhist myth, one who completes all twelve pilgrimages from all over the world will achieve Nirvana (holiness).

Shey is also known as the Shelri Ribo Drudda (crystal mountain).  Thus it makes Sheyharbour’s twelve annual festivals an important pilgrimage feature. The Shey Gompa is generally en route to the Dolpo Circuit trek.

The Snow Leopard – The Mountain Ghost

Nepal has an approximate snow leopard population of 300-500, which is effectively more than Nepal’s tiger population. Shey Phoksundo National park is most popular for the habitat of snow leopard. In a small area of the national park, there are many snow leopards, which makes you more curious while you are in the Dolpo circuit trek.

Shey Phoksundo National Park

Upper Dolpo trek itinerary makes its way to the Shey Phoksundo National Park, rich in wildlife and vegetation. Besides Snow leopards, Shey Phoksundo is home to 32 kinds of mammals, 200 species of birds, 28 species of butterflies, and many reptiles. In addition to several bird and butterfly species, they also live within the park.  Nature’s gift to this region is within the vast expanse of varied vegetation and the treasure of precious herbal plants.

Phoksundo Lake is a beautiful lake that also lies within the park and is known as Nepal’s most in-depth and second-largest lake.  The lake is 3600mtrs above sea level. The lake is known without any living creature for its turquoise color and clean water.

I’m not sure what will happen if these five things won’t fire up your adrenaline. Try to make sure you know it. Lower Dolpo Trek is worth time and energy.

Also, read a complete guide to upper Dolpo trek to prepare your next trip.

Bon culture and monasteries

Bon Buddhists one of the oldest cultures, while most Tibetan Buddhist practice, traces of the pre-Buddhist shamanistic Bon religion, are also available in Dolpo. There are nearly ten different Bon monasteries, and uncountable Buddhists shrines across the trail. Samling Gompa is the biggest Bon monastery among the others, which lies nearby Vijer village.

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