Dolpo Region: The Hidden Trails & Daring itineraries
Dolpo Region

The Dolpo is the most significant district of Nepal and extends north to the Tibet. Dolpo region is the hidden jewel of Nepal which even untouched. It encompasses the most extensive territory which includes Shey Phoksundo National Park. However, most of the land of upper Dolpo lies between 4 to 5000 meters. The Dolpo region brings you into the hidden areas wherever medieval Buddhist monasteries, interlacing with Bon culture influences, are still crucial in the way of life.

Dolpo is the rain shadow area lies behind the Himalayas. It contains the magnificent Himalayan range, high passes, and barren landscapes. Hence, it became the trans-Himalayan desert, a part of Tibetan plateau and called Bio-Hyul in local dialects. However, it is part of the Bon religion; the Shey monastery is a symbol of Bon Buddhist. The Dragon festival held every 12 years to get a blessing from Rabjam Rinpoche at Shey Gompa. It introduces the Shey festival.

Dolpo Region & its variation itineraries

Dolpo region is one of the most exciting trekking destinations in Nepal. The deepest lake of Nepal, Phoksundo lake also lies in this area. The Dolpo region is one of the rain shadow areas and is a high-altitude desert, strongly reminiscent of Tibet. The track is through a variety of landscapes, ranging from green pastures as same as European Alps and its barren landscapes. Depend on the timeframe, difficulty, and interest; there are 8-30 days itineraries available for Dolpo trekking.

Dare to wonder “Nepal’s off the beaten track” The hidden trails and daring itineraries

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Upper Dolpo Trek

The Upper Dolpo trek is ideal for the experienced trekkers, who are seeking more challenging and walking along the off the beaten track with unique insights. Upper Dolpo Trek – 24 days itinerary starts from Nepalganj to Juphal by flight then Dunai. Furthermore, walk through the Phoksundo river valley to Ringmo. Once, explore and excursion around the lake, the trails lead you to Shey Gompa cross over the Kang – La Bhanjyang (Ngondala). You may extend the journey to Rara Lake Trek via GHT trail from Bhijer if you are keen travelers for adventure. The trip to Tarap Valley via Saldang village and Jeng La pass for completion of the Upper Dolpo Trek to Dunai.

Upper Dolpo Trek
The Bon Monastery at Saldang village in Upper Dolpo

Lower Dolpo Trek

A journey of the Lower Dolpo trek allows you a thrilling adventure. The trekkers need to be a good physical condition and hiking experience. Lower Dolpo Trek – 20 days itinerary begins with a scenic flight to Juphal from Nepalgunj. The trail goes along the Bheri River then turn to Burbung Khola valley. It continues to Dho Tarap, crosses two high passes before getting the famous Phoksundo Lake. The expanded journey is allowing you from Dolpo to Jumla bypassing Kagmara Pass even more to the Rara Lake.

Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek

The Upper Dolpo is a culturally Tibetan region in Western Nepal. We will visit several Buddhist and Bönpo monasteries during this trek. Outsiders were not authorized to access this region until 1996, so tourism was mainly without an impact on culture. Shey Gompa, one of its most essential pilgrims in Upper Dolpo, is primarily interested whereas twice a year pilgrim makes a crystal mountain kora. The crystal mountain is known as the younger brother of the Mount Kailash in Tibet.

Likewise, the trails extend by visiting the hidden places entirely from the Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek which passes an isolated region of Nepal. We go further north to an area near to the Tibetan border instead of continuing the more famous Upper Dolpo Trek. Then trek out the unsettled trail to Jomsom along the Great Himalayan Trail.

Lower Dolpo Trek
The Phoksundo Lake

Best time for Upper Dolpo Trekking

The months of March to September are good for embarking this trek. But some passes will not open from November to March. It is still possible only with heavy duty equipment. The best time is from March to May, as it may rain in June and July. Trekking in Dolpo region is ideal for the summer season too.

Upper Dolpo trekking diaries

Amazing Camping Experience

Camping is the best way to explore the off the beaten path whereas no infrastructure. Camping under the stars after a day trekking through the majestic Himalayan plateau is one of the extraordinary experience you have in Upper Dolpo Trek. The Dolpa region is one of the best destinations for camping due to its remoteness and wilderness-based experience. You may like also to the secret of Upper Dolpo no one is talking about its mystery. 

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