How do I prepare myself for the physical fitness of the trek?

Are you thinking of embarking on a trek, but are you not sure whether you are mentally or physically up to it? We listen to you! A trekking holiday can sometimes be a little bit daunting, especially if you’ve never been to one before. Before booking a trek, you should keep an average physical fitness. When booking a trip, you should mention some kind of sickness or recent medical problems. Most of our itineraries are designed to allow you the maximum time to acclimatize, and it will be done according to your convenience to set the pace on the treks.

We also consulted our expert staff and leaders to compile our top tips on trekking training and planning – so you’ll feel confident to take on a life-changing and fulfilling trekking adventure. This is the list of how do you gain your physical fitness for a trek if you take a simple, step by step approach.

  1. Do jogging or exercise you enjoy
  2. Mix up the landscape and atmosphere
  3. Fuel your body properly
  4. Focus on keeping your pace
  5. Consistency and persistence are essential
  6. Understand your trip grade
  7. Consider using hiking poles
  8. Go for a walk with your backpack
  9. Find the right hiking shoes

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Kumar Lama
Kumar Lama is a founder of Himalayan Exploration Treks Pvt. Ltd. He is leading a team of travel professional offering tailor made travel services across Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.