Exploring The Himalayas: Kanchenjunga Mountain Expedition
Kanchenjunga Mountain expeditions

Kanchenjunga Mountain(8586 m) is the third-highest mountain in the world. Kanchenjunga Expedition is one of the most arduous expeditions out there. So, not many mountaineers embark on this journey. It takes all together 50 days to reach the top of the peak and back.

Kanchenjunga Mountain Expedition

Kanchenjunga Mountain Expedition starts with Kanchenjunga Trekking from Taplejung(1442 m) to Kanchenjunga South Base Camp (4500 m). The southern base camp is the point from where the climbing would start. In terms of walking towards the base camp, the trekkers would have to pass through settlements like Lalikharka(2265 m), Yamphudin (2080 m), Tesram (3870 m), Ramche (4580 m), and so on. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Distance from Taplejung is long; it takes nine days to reach there, including one day for acclimatization.

Climbing is a strenuous process requiring much effort, dedication, and patience. The climbers make four base camps from Kanchenjunga South Base Camp to the top of the mountain. The first one is at an altitude of 6050 m, the second one is at an elevation of 6800 m, the third one is at an altitude of 7300 m, and the last one is at a height of 7800 m. They attempt to reach the peak from the topmost camp. The climbers spend numerous days going up and down these camps and spending time on each one so that their bodies acclimatize appropriately to the altitude.

After reaching the peak, the climbers slowly ascend downwards to the Kanchenjunga South Base Camp. From here, they follow the same trail to return to Taplejung, the one they used to get here.

Trek Extension: Kanchenjunga North Base Camp

Regarding returning from Kanchenjunga South Base Camp, mountaineers can take a side trip by extending their trip. The main highlight of this side trek is Kanchenjunga North Base Camp(5388 m). To reach there, the trekkers need to go west from Tseram, cross Sele La (4290 m), and reach Ghunsa.

From there, they need to walk straight northwards. In terms of walking, the trekkers would come across settlements like Khambachen (4050 m), Lhonak (4780 m), and Pangpema (5143 m). From Tseram, it takes almost five days to reach Kanchenjunga North Base Camp. Even when you take this side trip, the journey still ends at Taplejung. It’ll take around five more days to ascend from the base camp to Taplejung.

Trek Extension: Lumba Sumba Pass Trek

By extending the trip for 12 more days, the mountaineers also get to explore the Makalu region. They must go northwest from Lelep (1690 m) instead of coming straight south to Taplejung. To reach Lelep, first, they need to get Ghunsa. From there, it is straight south. In terms of walking, they cross the Lumba Sumba Pass (4750 m), the trip’s highlight.

Lumba Sumba Pass trek is one of Nepal’s most challenging and high-altitude treks, starting from Taplejung and ending at Tumlingtar (518 m), joining Kanchenjunga and Makalu regions. This side trek would also end at Tumlingtar, where the trekkers can fly back to Kathmandu.

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