Langtang Trek 7 days: A Complete Guide For The Best Experience
Langtang Trek 7 days

Langtang trek 7 days is one of the best trekking packages that one can go for, if they want to explore Langtang region. Langtang trek cost is quite affordable, and the difficulty level is moderate. The trek take the tourists through the most amazing villages, viewpoints and attractions that are sure to make the trip memorable. The following is Langtang trek 7 days itinerary in detail.

Itinerary And Trek Details

The trek officially starts from the settlement of Syabrubesi, and ends at Dhunche. They need to take a bus from Kathmandu to reach Syabrubesi. It’s a 10 hours ride altogether. Similarly, to return to Kathmandu, they’ll have to take the bus from Dhunche. This one is a 9 hours ride.

Day 1: Syabrubesi (2380 m) – Lama Hotel (2470m)

Trekking starts from the beautiful village of Syabrubesi. It lies on the bank of Trishuli River, and is surrounded by green hills. On the first day, the trekkers walk for 6 hours. The trek concludes for the day at Lama Hotel. It is a basic settlement and borrows its name from the oldest bed and breakfast place here, the Lama Hotel.

Day 2: Lama Hotel – Langtang village (3400m)

On the second day, the trek starts from Lama Hotel and ends at Langtang Village, after a walk of 5 hours. The village has numerous tea-houses meant for serving the guests. One can have amazing views of Langtnag Lirung (7234 m) from here.

Day 3: Langtang – Kyanjin Gompa (3850m)

On the third day, the trekkers walk from Langtang to Kyanjin Gompa. They walk for 4 hours altogether, and in the end reach this amazing Buddhist monastery. It is considered as a significant pilgrimage site by the Buddhists of this region.

Day 4: Kyangjing Gompa Rest Day

On the fourth day, the trekkers rest to combat altitude sickness. They could simply lie down and relax, go around the village and talk to the people, explore the monastery, or go on a one day side trip to Tserko Ri (5000 m).

Day 5: Kyanjin Gompa – Lama Hotel

On this day, the trekkers make their way back to Lama Hotel. The walk from Kayanjin Gompa to Lama Hotel is 6 hours long.

Day 6: Lama Hotel – Thulo Syabru (2150m)

The route changes on this day, and instead of heading back to Syabrubesi, the trekkers head towards Thulo Syabru. It is a yet another small and beautiful settlement in this region. The day ends at Thulo Syabru after 6 hours of walk.

Day 7: Thulo Syabru – Dhunche (1960m)

This is the last day of the trek, as the trekkers make their way to a village known as Dhunche. It is the last spot on the Langtang trek 7 days route. The trekkers walk for a total of 5 hours to reach the settlement.

Instead of going for Langtang Trek, one can also choose Langtang Ganja La Pass Trek and Langtang Helambu Trek. All the three treks are unique in their own rights, and offer the trekkers great experience.

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