Limi Valley – The Hidden Gems of Upper Humla, Nepal
Limi Valley

The Limi Valley is similar to the Tibetan plateau, where it spreads within the border of Nepal. Thus, the people of this region are both culturally and traditionally close to Tibet. The Limi Valley lies about 18 kilometers southeast of Mansarovar Lake. It is a holy lake for both Hindus and Buddhists, a pilgrimage site, albeit of a diverse nature. Humla Limi valley is untouched, opened to trekkers only in 2002, making it the least visited trekking destination. 

Limi valley trek
Simikot airport: The gateway of Limi Valley 

Limi Valley Trek thrives with beautiful nature framed by the gorgeous snow-capped mountains. The region is the global importance for highland wildlife, both flora, and fauna. There are many kinds of exotic animals:  Himalayan wolf, brown bear, wild yak, blue sheep, musk deer, and many more. You may even become to close spotting the elusive snow leopard if you are lucky. The Limi villages covered especially Til, Jang, and Halji village. 

Limi Valley Trek
Waterfall en route to Kermi village

Humla Limi Valley Trek Cost

Depending on the number of groups; the Limi valley trek cost will be varying. Usually, add on these items while costing the trip. The price includes the restricted area permit, guide and porters, domestic flights, and cater services on full board.

Experience the authentic and remoteness of rugged trails towards Limi valley has very few footprints of trekkers. Therefore, Limi valley trek is one of the best wilderness experience than the rest of Nepal

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Limi Valley Trek itinerary 

As we proposed the Limi valley trek itinerary for 5 to 9 hours walking in a day and accommodation within the small villages and alpine plateau allow the best camping experience. No doubt Humla is one of the best camping treks in Nepal. Besides that, we offer the trek best camping trek toward Rara Lake Trek and the entire Upper Dolpo trek up to Jomsom a part of the Great Himalayan Trail. 

Upper Humla Trek
The monastery at Muchu village

Limi Valley Trek starts after a 55 minutes flight from Nepaljung to Simikot which follows the ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route towards the frontier of Nepal and Tibet. The main two high passes Nara La and Nyalu La Pass offer awe-inspiring views of Mount Saipal and  Kailash. The trek takes around 20 days.  

Camping treks in Nepal

From Simikot, spread over an elevation at 2930 meters with the part of the Great Himalaya Trails strings along surpassing green hills over the thundering Karnali river. This trail is an off-the-beaten path, and no tourist will see it while trekking in this region. Although, you will get a chance to explore the local culture and incredible experience toward the Rara Lake trek. The lake named Rara lies within the national park but has clear and clean water on the surface. The color of the water is changed while offering dramatic views over the greenery and beautiful mountain surrounding.

Outline Itinerary

DaysTrek ProgramAltitude in MetersDistance
1.Arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal1440
2. Trek preparation & Sightseeing
3.Fly to Nepalgunj150 0h55
4.Another flight to Simikot2950 0h45
5.Simikot to Dharapuri 23005h00
6.Dharapuri to Kermi26504h00
7.Kermi to Yalbang30106h00
8.Yalbang to Tumkot33806h15
9.Trek to Yari36905h00
10.Yari to Hilsa via Nara – La pass (4620 meters)37207h00
11.Hilsa to Manepema39906h00
12.Manepema – Til40006h00
13.Trek to Halji36704h00
14.Halji to Jang39304h00
15.Trek to Talung43707h30
16.Trek to Singjuma via Nyalu La Pass (4950 meters)49508h00
17.Trek to Kermi7h00
18.Trek to Simikot7h00
19.Fly to Nepalgunj then fly to Kathmandu

Limi Valley Trekking map

There is not publishing that many trekking maps of this region. But you may use one published in 2011 might be useful. Although we recommend Nepal far-west region GHT series published by Himalayan Map House. For the basic ideas of your thought for this trek, this sketch might be useful. 

Limi Valley trekking map
The Limi Valley Trekking Map

Getting to Humla

Humla is only one district that is not connected by a road. There is no alternation way to take flight either Nepaljung or Surkhet. Because there is no direct flight between Kathmandu and Humla. You can, however, drive from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Surkhet. Then you may take a flight to Simikot to get to Humla.

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To Sum Up

Now you have all it, so let’s plan for your next adventure, we are a pioneer to operate for Upper Humla Trek. Because of this features Limi Valley Trek is the hidden gems of the Himalayas. So, don’t miss this oppertunity and get in touch today!

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