Manaslu Circuit Trek After Earthquake Is Safe And Awaiting You
Manaslu Circuit Trek After Earthquake

Manaslu Circuit trek is amazing treks among the other treks in Nepal. Filled with natural beauties like hills and mountains, the forests that have the most exotic plants and animals in them, and a human population with diverse culture and tradition, this trek is a traveler’s wish fulfilled.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is also the pathway to Manaslu Expedition. So, not just trekkers walk on this route, but also the mountaineers willing to ascend this great giant known as Mt. Manaslu (8163 m). Despite all this, Manaslu has never been crowded or commercialized the way other trekking routes, such as Annapurna Base Camp or Everest Base Camp have been.

Four years ago, it had slowly started to commercialize though. The number of trekkers every year started to rise; the tea houses got better and better; the businesses grew equipping themselves to handle the trekkers better. And then, the earthquake happened.

Well, this is a Manaslu Circuit trek blog, and it will answer the question – is Manaslu Circuit Trek open, and what is the condition of Manaslu circuit trek after the earthquake.

The Impact of The Earthquake

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was devastating. Along with other parts of the country, the earthquake affected the Manaslu Circuit trekking route as well; the settlements that were situated along the way and mainly the trails.

The earthquake destroyed quite a few settlements. Leveled houses and shops, mainly the teahouses were the visible impacts of the earthquake. People also lost their lives; many injured.

One of the main impacts of the earthquake was the overflowing rivers and landslides that washed away the trekking trail. One of the examples of such pathways is at Yaru. After the path here removed away, the trekkers left with no option other than either returning or walk on the trail via Uiya. It isn’t just dangerous but requires climbing at various places.

Situation After The Earthquake

The people quickly jumped on their feet after the earthquake, as they started rebuilding whatever was damaged. They realized it pretty soon that the trekkers were their source their income, and trekking activities had to continue for them to earn their livelihood.

The potions of the trail that was damaged by the earthquake rebuilt as quickly as possible. The parts that couldn’t restore were supplemented by building cross paths and bridges. An example of this is the bridge on Budi Gandaki River near Jagat.

The year after the earthquake, Manaslu trail race conducted which required the trekkers to cover places such as Manaslu Base Camp, Pungen Gompa, and Hinang Gompa. Around 25 trekkers completed the event. It goes on to prove that the effects of the earthquake on the trail were soon neutralized.

So, to answer the question- is Manaslu Circuit trek open? Well, yes! And it has been for quite a long time. Manaslu Circuit trek after the earthquake is quite safe and ready to be embarked.

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