Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost: Everything You Should Know
Manaslu Circuit trek cost

Nepal is globally the most favorite destination for intrepid trekkers, combining the highest Himalayas in the universe with the thrilling walking trails. You will need some essential factors that conclude in the Manaslu circuit trek cost.

These are crucial components such as the transportation, guide (and probably porters), permits, of course, food and accommodation, which makes complete the Manaslu Circuit trek price.

The country is not only rich in the bio-diversities and culture but also Nepal has 8th world’s highest mountains out of 14th famous mountains. It spreads from 150 meters to 8848 meters from the sea level. You may find a unique climate from the sub-tropical to tundra in this charming country, whereas the heavenly paradise of natural resources.

These natural resources crafted many thrilling trekking trails across Nepal. Among them, the Manaslu Circuit trek is being famous, which has its magnificent peaks, natural beauty, and daring itinerary. Many trekkers may choose to explore the serene, less crowded atmosphere with beautiful nature and Nepalese-Tibetan culture.

Manaslu view from Lho Gaon
An Arial view of Manaslu

When it comes to reality, once you’ve decided to commence this delightful and magnificent trip, you may be worried about how it will impact your budget for your holiday. So, here’s a comprehensive overview of the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost.


Transportation is the main feature of any activity and is also crucial for this trip as the Manaslu region is isolated and not properly connected yet to the modern world. There are only undulating roads to reach the trek’s starting point, either a local bus or a private jeep.

The local bus fare is around $10 per person, and taking much time to get there because of waiting for passengers. If you prefer comfort travel along the off-road, it is advised to take a private jeep, and an approximate cost is $180 to $200.

The return transportation fees will be variable according to the ending point of the journey. Otherwise, the same price applies if your trip ends at Dharapani or Taal while returning to Kathmandu.

Travel to local bus
Thrilling Experience when you’re traveling to local bus

Transport plays a vital role in the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost. It is not going to be cheap, trekking packages because of transportation.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost For Permits

The Manaslu region is a restricted area due to its proximity to Tibet. It was opened in 1992 for group trekkers. So, you will need to take three different permits, which are:

  • MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area Project)
  • ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) MRAP (Manaslu Restricted Area Permit)
  • If you would like to go to Tsum Valley Trek, it’s required to have Tsum Valley Trek Restricted Area Permit

First of all, let’s talk about the special Permit of the Manaslu region issued by the Department of immigration of Nepal. Manaslu permits fee is variable depending on the seasons, the number of days within the trek. The permit fee structures are given below as.

  • $100 per week, and an additional $15 per day beyond a week for the autumn season (From September to November)
  • $75 per week, and an extra $10 per day beyond a week for winter, spring, and summer (From December to August)

You will likely need the special permits for 8 or 9 days if your trek duration is 14 days. If the length of walking is more than 14 days, you should have ten days of restricted area permits.

  • MCAP and ACAP cost is around $30 respectively, but there is no limitation of days.

If you expand your trip to The Tsum Valley trek following the permit fee structure will be applied.

  • For the autumn season (September- November), $40 per person per week and $10 per day beyond a week.
  • The Tsum Valley Permit fee for the winter, spring, and summer season (December – August), $30 per person/week $7 per person/day (beyond a week)

Revised visa and the trekking permit fees are effecting from 17th July 2019.

Note: for the Tsum Valley Trek and Manaslu circuit, the TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) does not require as you already have special trekking permits.

If you prefer to connect a trip to the Annapurna Circuit or further trek to Jomsom and end up at Pokhara, you will need a TIMS card.

The Manaslu Circuit trek cost is pretty high because of the special permits compared to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, but it is still cheaper than Upper Dolpo Trek and Upper Mustang Trek.

Guide and porters’ cost

As you know that the Manaslu region is a controlled area whereas you should go together with a guide. Hence you are not allowed to go solo without a guide. The guide price is ranging from $25 to $45, depending on their proficiency and experience.  

A guide who is an expert on destinations and has variable languages, of course, the price will be higher. You will assure that no language barrier to communication and meet whatever you expect during the trek.

Therefore, based on your decision, you’ll principally need an authorized guide or porter. However, for safety and sophistication purposes, we highly recommend that you go with a qualified tour guide.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary
The Manaslu Guide

Accommodation i.e. lodges/tea-houses

Due to its unique geographical combination, natural high Himalayas, ethnic locals’ culture, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is upgrowing. It is good news! There are also built up lodges after the earthquake. Nowadays, Manaslu Trek does not require any camping unless you go for Manaslu Expedition or off the beaten track.

The lodges or tea-houses offer a bed based on twin sharing. You will find a single occupancy room in the rare case if you ask them, but a supplementary cost will apply.

Please be informed that the accommodation fees are inclusive while making a Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost based on two people. Generally, the twin sharing room price is approximately $5 to $10 according to the elevation.

If you would like to make changes to your trekking, our organization will also offer you. For the latest information and camping trekking prices, you may also contact us or email us.

The cost of meals and drinks

Because of its remoteness, as we all know about the transport condition in the region. So, the men or mules are using as transportation for all the essential supplies. There might be variable prices for both meals and drinks despite the difficulty of transferring goods as per elevation.

Thus, you may have to manage a budget of at least $5 to $10 per meal, i.e., $20 to $25 per day. Of course, the meals price may vary depending on your appetite, the number of dishes, and the types of beverages you order.  

The prices of beverages on this tour are almost similar to the other regions. The prices for a cup of tea and coffee is ranging from $1.5 to $2 and $3.5 to $5, respectively. Similarly, the cost of a bottle of beer is $3.5 to $7, whereas a bottle of mineral water is ranging from $0.5 to $3 according to the elevation.

Other miscellaneous costs

There will be any additional cost appears which might be needful during the journey. So, it would be best if you prepared for those things in your budget.  The miscellaneous price is no other than your expectation. It may cost you a few dollars for charging your gadgets (mobile phone, tablets, and camera) or maybe for a shower; it can be a bucket shower, heated by gas or firewood as the mountain is a tourist area you may not expect to be cheap.

Likewise, you may addon some dollars as an entrance fee while visiting monasteries, gompas, and temples; they might expect a few donations for the maintenance of trails or so on. Finally, your guide and porters also expect some tips as your gratitude. It is compulsory tipping towards the crew, which reflects your willingness and experience during the trip.


Now, you may figure out the approximate ideas for the Manaslu Circuit Trek cost and beyond. It usually depends on the services you chose. Many companies offer this trek with different rates, so it makes you a bit confused to decide which one is best and reliable.

If you go through the international operators, they offer more than $2000 for this trek. As a local operator, we offer you the whole Manaslu Circuit Trek cost only $1350, including the given services on trek description for 20 days. However, group size is a minimum of two to 14 people.

I hope you enjoy this article regarding the pricing ideas about the Manaslu Circuit Trek. If you are thinking about your trip to Nepal, you are now in the right place to book your holiday.

So, come and trek with Himalayan Exploration Treks, a fastly growing trekking company registered to Nepal Government under the tourism department.

Our concern on sustainability, you may enjoy every moment with our expert team of professionals with an unforgettable travel experience.

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