Nepal Tourism and Travel: Nepal itinerary, travel tips and more
Nepal Tourism and travel

A paradise for all adventure lovers and a heaven for all who love to crusade, Nepal is known for its tall mountains, the mesmerizing view of the hills, the sight of the golden temple, the charm of the Himalayan surroundings, and the exceptional exposure to the wildlife prevailing turns your Nepal travel, worth rejoicing. Equipped with crazy traffic and tempting food stalls, the city has a sumptuous introduction to welcome the tourists wholeheartedly. Nepal tourism began in 1950.

About Nepal

Nepal tourism is all about the magnificent mountains, the creepy jungles, the steady rivers, and the traditional culture. The driving feature of Nepal is its diverse traditions that can amaze you. Nepal is regarded as one of the wealthiest countries instead of biodiversity. Popularly symbolized as a land flocked by mountains, Nepal houses the world’s highest snowy mountain.

Nepal travel mainly focuses on adventurous activities, which include river rafting, mountaineering, trekking, hiking, indulging in the scenic view of the snow-capped mountains, and amaze yourself with the wildlife prevailing in the national parks in Nepal.

How to visit?

One of the most debated topics concerning your Nepal travel is how you could enter the country. The capital city is most likely the door to entering the country and heading towards the country. Whether you arrive by land or air, you need a Nepal tourist visa to continue with your Nepal tourism. It would help if you had a pre-planned Nepal itinerary to have a seamless experience of Nepal tourism. You might not have significant knowledge about Nepal. Hence, you can contact touring companies with a documented Nepal itinerary to guide you throughout your journey. The tourist entering the country would require a Nepal visa. Upon arrival at the airport, the corresponding visitors must fill out an application form and passport to get a Nepal tourist visa.

Nepal Tourism

Starting from the Everest base camp trek to the Annapurna Circuit hiking, the heritage statue of Buddha to the traditional culture of the local people, river rafting to exploring the wildlife, Nepal Tourism is all about rejuvenating amidst the beauty of the lakes captivated by the hills.

To make your Nepal tourism a mesmerizing one, we provide trekking details that will guide you through the unknown roads of the country because you might not know the local language. Then, you could either download an app that would effectively translate English to Nepali or take the help of guides at various spots who are experienced in decoding your English to Nepali.

Short Trek in Nepal

Here, we provide information about a short Trek in the mountains of Nepal. You could hire a trek guide to make the most of your trip. The entire trekking experience is not easy. It requires the individual to have the training and a hassle-free experience. The trek guide would provide all the relevant information and train you to resist the uneven climate and uncomfortable elevation.

The Everest short Trek comprises the high mountains and the adjacent peaks. It would introduce you to the localities of Nepal. Nepal’s trekking package contains various trekking regions along with different treks. Trekking Agencies in Nepal allow visitors to pass through the steep forests. That exhibits the traditional culture of the country.

The extent of the pace of trekking depends upon the Trekking package in Nepal. There are two types of trek. They are named the Tea-house or the lodge trek, and the other is the Camping trek. The entire area comprises around 1000 to 3000 meters, whereas the high mountain ranges provide areas of about 5000 meters. The packages differ based on the Trekking agencies in Nepal. You choose the type of tree that you are interested in. One of the most loved trekking adventures is the Everest base camp trek, which would give you goosebumps. The tour lasts for around twelve to fourteen days and pledges to provide you with one of the best life experiences.


It is a combination of the alluring view of the mountains and the traditional culture of the Buddhists. Even more, climbing the hilltop would give you an idea of the panoramic Everest enveloped by various other mountains. The kalapathar is deemed as the best place to climb. Since it offers one of the most heart-throbbing views of Everest, it is regarded as the best spot for adventure in Nepal Tourism.

Amidst the snow-capped mountains is the Kumbhu Valley, which will leave you in awe with the mesmerizing view of its picturesque. The adjacent area has the Sherpa tribes, who are very friendly and welcome all tourists with open hearts. Similarly, a short trip to Nepal can be documented as:

01: Sightseeing around Kathmandu Valley

02: Start with Sightseeing in Patan and also the Bhaktapur and then return to Kathmandu

03: Go for the Everest Experience Mountain Flight, Pharping, Explore Kirtipur, Dakshinkali, etc.

04: Head towards the Dhulikhel and spend a night there rejoicing At the scenic beauty of the Himalayan panorama

05: On the final day, drive to Kathmandu and spend some time shopping for gifts for friends, relatives, and families.

Travel Tips

  • Never Indulge in trekking alone on Nepal’s lonely planet. There have been various instances when the sole trekkers and the raging mountains lost their path. Always have a trekking guide to make the most of your trekking experience.
  • In Nepal Tourism, take the utmost care of your health and avoid bottled water or previously cut fruits or vegetables as much as possible.
  • Although Nepal Tourism is all about the divine beauty and scenic views, this does not apply to the busty streets that are always crowded and noisy. It is suggested that you avoid traveling on a bicycle or open transport.
  • Never do free charity. People in Nepal do not promote begging. Hence, never give a penny to the same.

Nepal tourism is all about adventure; hence, visit the country to have one of the best experiences of your life amidst the land of mountains.

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