Nepal Waived Off Quarantine Rules For International Travelers
Quarantine rules for Nepal

The government of Nepal has finally responded to tourism industry petitions by lifting the quarantine rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists, in an attempt to revive the pandemic-affected travel and tourism industry. Many potential travelers have been turned off by the ever-changing COVID situation around the world, as well as the strict conditions for foreigners entering Nepal. Meanwhile, the Nepal government enforced new rules removing quarantine requirements for international travelers.

Travelers will ideally have a negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and be quarantined in a hotel for at least a week, according to the previous protocol. Before being able to travel freely throughout the country, they must pass a second PCR test at their own cost. But now vaccinated travelers do not require to present a negative PCR test report at the airport to obtain an On-Arrival Visa.

This latest decision has made it really convenient for travelers to visit Nepal from all over the world.

Meanwhile, the unvaccinated tourists will have to take a negative PCR test 72-hours before departure from the country of origin. They must conduct the PCR test once they arrive in Nepal. Travelers with negative results are free to embark on their trip. Such negative results can consequently continue their journey. If the test is positive, they will have to end their trip until their report comes negative.

To sum up, Here’s all you need to know about new provisions for people wishing to travel to Nepal.

Before traveling to Nepal

Make sure you have all of the documentation mentioned below before flying to Kathmandu. Please make sure you have all of the necessary documents including a few extra copies of each.

  • To get a Nepal visa on arrival, get a letter from the Department of Immigration and Department of Tourism or a Nepal visa from the Nepalese embassies and missions in your home country. If you are unable to acquire a Nepal visa in your home country, we will furnish you with letters that should be printed, carried, and presented at the Kathmandu airport immigration counter to obtain a Nepal visa on arrival.
  • Perform a PCR test at least 72 hours before leaving the country of origin. (Not applicable if you have obtained all doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.)
  • Vaccination Certificate, If you have received all doses of the COVID vaccine.
  • Fill out the CCMC Form and print it out with the bar code.
  • Get travel insurance that includes emergency evacuation, search and rescue, and medical expenses for the period of your trip to Nepal.
  • Return flight ticket (Travel itinerary)
  • Confirmation of Hotel Booking

Required Documents for the airport check-in counter

Before boarding passengers, all airlines flying to Nepal are required to check the following documents. Please ensure that you have all of the documents in print.

  • Show the vaccination Card, those who get both doses of vaccine against COVID -19.
  • A negative PCR test result obtained within 72 hours of departure would also be necessary for non-vaccinated travelers.
  • Nepal Visa if you apply to the Nepalese Diplomatic missions or embassies.
  • Recommendation Letter from Department of Immigration or Department of Tourism if you plan to obtain a visa upon arrival.
  • Travel insurance covers emergency evacuation, search and rescue, and medical expenses for the duration of the travel.
  • A copy of a dully-filled CCMC form with the bar code.
  • Hotel Booking confirmation

What After Arriving At Kathmandu?

  • Conduct a PCR test once arrived in Kathmandu.
  • Apply quarantine rules until the report is out.
  • If you test negative, you can continue with your travel plans; if you test positive, you should stay in quarantine at your own cost until you test negative.

The guidelines stated above are new protocols for all arriving tourists in Nepal. The government has revoked all existing rules, and these current ones are now in place.

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Updated Visitor’s Protocol! The document has been summarized with exact rules for visitors planning to travel to Nepal.


  • Tourists visiting Nepal must take visas from Nepal’s Diplomatic Mission to their respective country.
  • In absence of Nepal’s Diplomatic Mission OR in case of difficulty availing visa in the home country, visitors arriving by air can get an on-arrival visa from the Immigration desk at Tribhuvan International Airport. However, such tourists must have a pre-visa recommendation letter issued by the Department of Tourism (DOT) OR Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).
  • DOT or NTB shall issue the visa recommendation letter; only after submission of all required documents by the concerned local agency in Nepal.


All tourists visiting Nepal must furnish the following documents at the Airline Check-In counter before boarding:

  • PCR negative report of a swab taken within 72-hours of boarding OR report of complete vaccination against COVID-19.
  • However, it is advisable for everyone to still get a PCR negative report taken within 72-hours as the airline or rule of some countries may require the same for outbound travel.
  • Copy of Nepalese Visa or recommendation letter from either Department of Immigration, or Nepal Tourism Board.
  • Hotel booking confirmation or guarantee of accommodation.
  • Copy of Travel Insurance that covers health, immediate crisis, or rescue for the duration of their travel.
  • Barcode generated after the online application of International Travel Arrival Form from ARMS-DIMS (
  • The concerned airlines shall give boarding clearance to the passenger after making sure that the passenger has all the above documents.


  • All incoming tourists must take a mandatory COVID test upon arrival in Nepal at their own cost in coordination with the respective local agency.
  • The tourist can continue with their itinerary if the report is negative. In case the report is positive, the tourist must continue to stay in hotel quarantine until the report reads negative.
  • The concerned agency must do COVID-19 insurance of Rs. One Lakh for their staffs accompanying the tourist group.


  • For Indian Tourists arriving in Nepal through air route, the existing provisions will remain as per the “Nepal- India Travel Bubble Agreement”. A negative PCR report within 72 hours of boarding is mandatory.
  • Indian Tourists arriving in Nepal through land routes will have to produce a Negative PCR report done within 72 hours of arriving at the immigration point at Nepal- India border.
  • Along with the negative PCR report, tourists also require to bring along the barcode generated after the online application of the International Travel Arrival Form from https://cc


  • Application letter from concerned Association with verification of all the documents.
  • Copy of Tourists’passport
  • Travel Itinerary
  • International Air Ticket booking confirmation
  • Travel Insurance
  • Copy of Company Registration of the concerned company
  • Copy of latest Tax Clearance of concerned company

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