10 Reasons You Need To Go Trekking In Upper Dolpo
Trekking to Upper Dolpo

A trekking trip to Upper Dolpo is one of the best things you can do to gain insights into Tibetan culture, connect with nature, improve your life, and get the inspiration you need to create a more meaningful existence.

Trekking through the Himalayan mountains in the remote region of Upper Dolpo offers unique opportunities that are difficult to experience anywhere else. So if you have always wanted to visit a place where the only way to get around is by foot and the only things you will see are snow-covered peaks and colorful flowers growing wild, Upper Dolpo is the place for you.

But let’s face it; life is busy these days, and time is precious. So to benefit from your time in the beautiful and exotic areas of Upper Dolpo, you must take some time from your busy schedule. 

In this post, you’ll discover ten reasons why you need to go trekking in Upper Dolpo. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons why you should consider heading off on an expedition to this part of the world.

Dolpo is a remote region of the Himalayas. It is a place of immense beauty and diversity, offering some of the world’s finest trekking. But what makes it so unique? For one, it’s a challenging trekking destination. The region has many mountain passes, ranging from 4200 to 5400 meters above sea level.

Beyond that, the trails get even steeper and more challenging. In addition, the terrain includes snow-capped mountains, lush valleys, and vast alpine meadows. So why does this remote corner of Nepal offer some of the finest trekking in the world?

1. Discover The True Beauty of The Himalayas

The true beauty of the Himalayas is far greater than any mountain. We must open our hearts and minds to a new way of seeing the world around us to find out. We must open ourselves to new experiences and let new ideas into our lives.

But we have to do it for ourselves, not for anyone else. If we want to discover the true beauty of the Himalayas, we must permit ourselves to explore the unknown. We have to take a chance.

2. See Flora and Fauna

Many people who visit the Shey Phoksundo National Park are drawn to these places because of the chance to see rare species of wildlife that live only there.

For wildlife enthusiasts, this is a great site to check out. This live camera trap site is set up to catch images of rare wildlife, like a snow leopard (preferably known as a Himalayan cat).

3. Connect With Yourself, Nature, And The Universe

Trekking offers a beautiful escape from life and self since it brings you closer to nature and yourself. As such, trekking provides an opportunity to disconnect from the demands of modern life, relax, and even think a little differently.

Most importantly, though, it’s a way to see yourself from a different angle and to discover how much of what you take for granted is worth fighting for.

Trekking to Upper Dolpo, Nepal

Nature is a great way to reset and reconnect with ourselves. So it’s good to take time to think about what we’re doing. 

4. Explore A Culture Untouched By Tourism 

Dolpo is a beautiful region of Western Nepal that has remained largely undisturbed. This is where some of the world’s oldest cultures still exist in a peaceful environment. Unfortunately, most of these cultures have been under siege since the 1960s. Some of the tribes in the region have lived without electricity or running water for hundreds of years.

5. Experience The Ultimate Trekking Experience

One of the most beautiful and remote regions in the world, Upper Dolpo is one of Nepal’s most fascinating and untapped regions. In addition to the beautiful landscapes and fantastic culture, there are some of the most extraordinary hiking experiences. These treks in the Dolpo region cover some of the most remote and untouched parts of Nepal.

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6. Enjoy The Tranquility of Nature 

Nature is one of the most peaceful settings that exist on Earth. However, we could all use some peace from time to time. To achieve this state, trek to Upper Dolpo; when stressed, it’s easy to forget how good our bodies feel after taking a break from work or trekking in the Himalayas.

7. Live Like A Local

It seems you can travel anywhere nowadays, but there is something exceptional about traveling in the Dolpo region of Nepal. The scenery, people, and culture combine to form a unique experience. When you are here, you will learn about the region’s history and gain a new appreciation for its beauty. It’s also a great place to lie and hike for an extended period. The climate, people, and scenery of Dolpo are unmatched.

Live like a local at Upper Dolpo
Locals from Saldang

8. You’ll Get Some Great Photos 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to photograph, you could visit the Canadian Rockies or maybe even the Himalayas. But why not head for the mountains in our backyard—to Nepal? The Upper Dolpo region is beautiful in Nepal, home to many stunning natural sights.

Likewise, trekkers can explore remote valleys, climb towering mountains, and take in a beautiful landscape with green grasses, waterfalls, and rivers. You’ll get some great photos while trekking in the Upper Dolpo here.  

9. You’ll Learn a Lot About Yourself  

While many backpackers and travelers will head up into the mountains of Upper Dolpo in search of stunning views, high altitudes, and beautiful landscapes, there’s also a deeper purpose to these journeys.

After spending time up there, you’ll see yourself in a whole new light. And seeing all these nomadic people living in this remote area, with no running water or electricity, makes you realize that life is tough for them. But they’re happy with what they’ve got. As a result, you feel more in tune with nature than ever.

Dolpo guide

10. You’ll Meet Friendly People 

You’ll meet some interesting people as you travel through remote Himalayan valleys. They will help you learn the language, show you where to stay and where to eat, and give you a glimpse into their lives.


The trek was not without its challenges and difficulties. Still, I came back from Dolpo with a newfound sense of adventure, gratitude, and an appreciation for the mountains and people of Dolpo. In addition, I have seen Dolpo’s beauty, which is a miracle. So, I hope my blog will inspire you to join me on my next adventure. 

Trekking in Upper Dolpo is a fantastic experience you will remember for a long time, especially if you take the time to soak in the stunning landscape and breathe in the fresh air. However, trekking in Upper Dolpo requires a lot of planning, preparation, and physical endurance.

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