Our Nepal solidarity group travel is one of our most comprehensive and unique tours. It is integrating nature, culture, and spirituality in an unforgettable adventure that begins in the heart. A journey focusing on personal development, designed for adventurous travelers who are passionate about education. Because we want to make a difference in the lives and futures of many Nepalese children, we will not only learn about the lifestyles of the families, but we will finance the annual scholarship.

Solidarity Travel Partner

Himalayan Exploration collaborates with German-based non-profit organization Nepal’s Waisenkinder. We do organize charity challenge trekking in cooperation with this organization. 5% of the paid money goes to Nepal’s Waisenkinder to help Children.

Nepal’s Waisenkinder is a voluntary aid organization since it has set itself the task of supporting orphans and children in Nepal who need help. The founder of Nepal’s Waisenkinder is Bekim Kukiqi, and he was founded on December 24, 2018.

Nepal’s Waisenkinder supports schools and accommodations to improve the lives of children. Besides, our focus is on accommodation, food, schooling, clothing, and medical care.

All donations go 100% to the children and schools since there are no processing fees or any other internal costs.

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What you finance with solidarity travel

All of our trips have a direct economic, social, and awareness impact on the projects we partner with.

Through our group trip to Nepal, we will be able to fund directly:

  • Annual Scholarship: We believe that education is the basis of all undertakings and the future of society. You will meet children who benefit from these scholarships and spend time with their families simultaneously. Learning about your tremendous impact on their education and future while on this solidarity trip.
  • Health & Education: Contribution to the education project, such as stationery, uniforms, and inclusion of children with medical care in the country’s rural areas.
  • Activities and leisure time: Because leisure time is vital for all children, the overall budget includes expenses for food, uniforms, and activities that we will share with the children of the orphanages and projects.
  • Go local: Staying in the projects without sacrificing comfort directly impacts the local community, generating the circular economy and sustainable tourism that Himalayan Exploration intends to promote in our solidarity expeditions.

Discover Nepal Tour and the Everest Base Camp Trek or other off-the-beaten tracks, such as Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek and Lower Dolpo Trek, might be considered as our Solidarity Travel in Nepal.


  • We will meet the scholarship students through our solidarity trip and share time with their families, knowing their situation and personal history.
  • Visit the orphanages and activities with the children benefited from the solidarity projects that support them.
  • We will finance the food, uniforms, and free-time activities that we will share with the young people of the projects we visit.

Knowledge of the country and activities during the trip:

  • We will walk for two days at the foot of the Himalayas, spending the night in one of the most beautiful villages with the most spectacular views the nation offers, a suitable route for all travelers.
  • We will travel to Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha and a popular pilgrimage site for people from all across Asia. In a Buddhist monastery, we will meditate with local monks.
  • Visit and tour Kathmandu’s capital, its world heritage temples, and knowledge of the local culture and people.
  • We will embark on a safari in the Chitwan National Park, where we will have the opportunity to witness animals such as rhinoceroses, elephants, crocodiles, rare birds, and even the famous and imposing Bengal tiger.
  • Visits to Pokhara and other places in the country’s interior where we collaborate on initiatives.

Our solidarity actions

The Future Village Foundation supports the education of children in rural Nepal to ensure a sustainable future for both them and their community.

To date, the Foundation has achieved several milestones. It will continue to make a difference in the lives of Nepalese children.

  • Engaged on 16 volunteer trips, with over 150 volunteers from 20 countries.
  • Helped four school programs in Nepal, three in remote mountainous districts and one in Kathmandu.
  • Paid Five teachers’ salaries for four years.
  • Conducted English lessons and educational activities for over 300 students on regular visits.
  • Given primary education sponsorship for 20 students for five years and five orphans for three years.
  • Provided scholarships for further study to 10 students for two years of junior college and four students for university education.
  • The first sponsored student completed five years of medical study and became the first doctor from Nepal’s Dolpa district (the most remote region).
  • Funded the construction of two new classrooms, four school toilets, and five household toilets, set up the library, and donated books.

Upper Dolpo Trek

The Dolpo region is familiar with the
24 days

Langtang Trek

The Langtang Valley lies north of Kathmandu
12 days

Discover Nepal Tour

Discover Nepal Tour presents a glimpse of
16 days