Sustainability Policy
sustainability policy

Tourism doesn’t only bring the joy of traveling but а very important responsibility of respecting the place we visit also. Traveling evidently is a beautiful experience which remains embedded in the mind forever. However, іt’ѕ mandatory that traveling, and touring isn’t doing at the expense of the environment. The disregard of the people living in the particular environment. Any trekking agency and the tourists associated with the agency have а duty towards the country they operate in. The sustainability policy and the responsibilities towards the touring nation are what Himalayan Exploration Treks actually emphasize upon.

Our Sustainability policy and guidelines. 

  • Observe local products and services
  • Maintain and improve the quality of the socio-cultural and natural environments, which is basis of tourism (and the local people’s livelihood); and
  • Empower the local communities for sustainable management of tourism.
  • Motivate the staff paying them standard scale which create a harmonious working environment.
  • Substance such as use of plastic in our operations entirely banned.
  • Implement of international code of conduct related to child exploitation of sexual, commercial or any other form.

Responsible Tourism: Give something back

Eco Tourism is another word for minimal environmental impact. All the treks and tours are carrying out by Himalayan Exploration Treks are doing by avoiding any kind of natural and social-ecological interruption. Waste products are adequately handled, and the global matter of environmental pollution is adequately pondered and acted upon. Sustainable tourism is what drives us and our clients. We are seriously dedicated to involving in the community and local Environmental initiatives. It helps to explore and preserve the environment.

Socio-cultural Responsibility is closely related to community-based tourism (CBT) which has been proliferating in developing countries. Cultural trips are becoming more popular for both mainstream ‘soft’ sightseeing and niche markets with an emphasis on deeply engaging with local cultures. We provides an untouchable opportunity to intermingle with the local people. With the help of staff and guides employed by the local community. Thіѕ gives а more authentic experience to the tourists. Along giving them а chance to observe the cultural and religious varieties.

Economic Responsibility is concluding by encouraging our valued clients to consume local food products during all treks and travels. For the economic upbringing of the locals residing area. Thіѕ is not only benefits the local communities but provides clients with а chance to enjoy the available, unique food items also. Also, we support certain percent of our benefits to the community development projects. It has directly uplifted the living standard of the local livelihoods. Besides, we are always giving top priority to locals for employment opportunities.

Team Building Through the Responsible Tourism

Himalayan Exploration Treks emphasizes the staff along with other crew members who form the backbone of the organization. Their effort and support are what keeps the service running smoothly. So, we are indebted to them. We thrive to provide the necessary protections such as insurance, good salary, rescue evacuation. And proper outdoor gear to keep them content. They, in turn, ensure that proper satisfaction will assure to our valued clients. Besides, our company creates the social security fund for the staff and their family in critical economic condition. Because of accidents during the trip, natural disasters, etc. We emphasize good education and distribute the clothes and school materials for the children. We give free English Language course and others relevant training for our staff time to time.

Sustainability Coordinator

Kumar Lama

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Kumar Lama
Kumar Lama is a founder of Himalayan Exploration Treks Pvt. Ltd. He is leading a team of travel professional offering tailor made travel services across Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.