45 days
Trip Level
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8201 m

Thе Cho Oyu Mountain іѕ thе sixth largest mountain on the planet. It’s оnlу thе mountain оvеr аn altitude оf 8000 whісh hаѕ ѕuсh а high success rate and situated bеtwееn Nepal аnd Tibet. But require а permit tо climb thіѕ beautiful peak knоwn commonly аѕ thе Goddess оf Turquoise. Thіѕ beautiful peak іѕ climbed bу many, owing to іtѕ easy climb аnd lоw fatality rate. Thе bеѕt route adoption thе Northern route vіа thе North West face fоr Cho Oyu Expedition Tibet face, аn altitude оf 8201 m, thе climb uр tо thе Cho Oyu. It саnnоt simply соnѕіdеr аѕ а demanding but obviously, acclimatization аnd proper physical condition аrе mandatory.

Thе Cho Oyu Expedition Tibet Face commences frоm а flight frоm Kathmandu tо Lhasa. It lies аt а height оf 3600 meters since it іѕ thе base fоr acclimatization fоr thе Tibetan plateaus. Frоm here, а drive tо thе Tibet’s largest city, Shigatse. A furthеr drive tо Xegar, аt аn altitude оf 4000 m, wіth іtѕ beautiful monasteries. Acclimatization іѕ mandatory hеrе as well as tо reduce thе effects оf altitude sickness. Furthermore, а drive іѕ uр tо thе Chinese Base Camp whісh leads tо thе Cho Oyu Base Camp. Thе elevation іѕ 5200 m frоm sea level as well as acclimatization аnd climb аrе processes whісh needed frequently. Then uр lays thе Advanced Base Camp аt 5700 m situated nеаr thе Nangpa La.

Thе ascent tо thе Camp 1 іѕ easy аnd requires simple walking. Frоm Camp 1, (6400 m) tо Camp II (7000 m), require ropes fоr support. Thіѕ part hаѕ technically fеw difficult sections. Camp II tо Camp III аlѕо іѕ rеlаtіvеlу easy аnd requires reaching а height оf 7400 meters. Many others 7000 meters peaks аrе visible while reached thе summit frоm Camp 3, vіа bands аnd steep snowy slopes. Thе true summit wіll reach after crossing thе false summit. Thе ѕаmе path retraces tо down. Cho Oyu expedition Tibet Face regard tо bе а practice fоr thе Everest Expedition аnd іѕ fаіrlу popular аmоng mountaineers. Climbing uр thе Cho Oyu іѕ recommended tо trekkers wіth а nееd tо experience climbing аn 8000 peaks, but wіth lеѕѕ difficulty.

Cho Oyu Expedition: Highlights

Cho Oyu – World`s Sixth Highest and Most Accessible 8000 Meters Peak
One base camp and three additional higher Camps to summit
it is much less visited – and waiting to be rediscovered
Expedition includes an exotic and historical tour in Tibet
DEPARTURE/RETURN  Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive at least 3 hours before the flight.
Airport transfer Accommodations
Meal during the trek Cho Oyu Expedition permits
Transportation as per itinerary Professional guide & porters
A First Aid Kits Applicable Government Taxes
International Airfare Nepal Visa fees
Meals in City Personal Expenses
Travel Insurance Guide & Porter gratuity
Tibet Visa fees Climbing Sherpa fee
Extra Porter or Yak Personal climb equipment
Oxygen bottle with mask & regulator Individual beverages

Catering arrangement:
Himalayan Exploration provides above mentioned all camping equipment and gears includes the tents (dining, toilets and kitchen tents). We will have a large mess tent well equipped with all necessary kitchen utensils at the base camp while good quality and healthful foods will serve by our trained and experienced expedition cook. The cook will prepare the menu that to maintain the recipe for calories. Besides, for the different taste, the cook will serve verities of food.

Prices quoted and payable only in (US$ dollars). All prices published on our website set as low as possible. The Prices may vary at any time due to currency fluctuation, fuel prices, and unforeseen economic circumstances. However, we guarantee our prices which already signed up for your tour. Please consult us for a custom quote.


Day 1: Arrival day (1,300 m)

Upon arrival at Kathmandu, you will greet and welcome by our agency’s representative in front of Arrival gate with Display board of Himalayan Exploration Treks then transfer to your Hotel.

Day 2 - 3: Sightseeing and Preparation for Cho Oyu Expedition

Today, we are making preparation for Cho Oyu Expedition and sightseeing. While the leader attends a formal briefing in the Ministry of Tourism, we will explore the fascinating city of Kathmandu. We will visit famous Stupa, Boudhnath and the popular Hindu pilgrimage site, Pashupatinath Temple. In the late afternoon, the leader will check everyone’s equipment before flying to Lhasa. Chinese Visas for entering Tibet will be acquired from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. We will also get introduced with support expedition members and guides.

Day 5: Fly to Lhasa 3,600m

Today, we fly to one of the highest capitals in the world: Lhasa of Tibet. We savor the extraordinary views of the Himalaya, including Everest, Makalu and Kangchenjunga and the Tibetan valleys. Upon our arrival in Lhasa, we will be greeted and escorted to a good standard hotel in downtown of Lhasa. We make Lhasa our base for acclimatization to the high Tibetan altitude.

Day 5 - 6: Acclimatizing and discovering Lhasa

While we acclimatize with the high altitude, we also visit important landmarks in Lhasa including the Dalai Lama’s Potala Palace. Lhasa life certainly offers glimpses into one of the most preserved ancient cultural heritages.

Day 7: Drive to Shigatse 3,900m 6h00

Today, we depart Lhasa for Shigatse, the Tibet’s second largest city. We even reach to the banks of the Tsang Po, which becomes the Brahmaputra River in India. We further drive up-stream for a while before turning southwest through barren desert-like valleys. Overnight stay in a Shigatse hotel.

Day 8: Drive to Xegar 4,000m 8h00

While continuing along the Tibetan highway views of the Himalaya unfold with a spectacular panorama of peaks including Everest. We stay overnight in a hotel outside the main town of Xegar. If time allows, we pay our visit to the downtown of Xegar and its hilltop monastery.

Day 9: Acclimatization Day!

We acclimatize well before gaining height toward the Chinese base camp. At this juncture, we visit to the main town and engage on a gentle hike up to its hilltop monastery.

Day 10: Arrive Chinese base camp

We further continue our drive to the Chinese base camp. While turning south along the bumpy track, the road leads us to the road-head below Cho Oyu.

Day 11: Organization at Chinese base camp

Today will be an important day for sorting out all loads. Yaks arrive in the afternoon. Yaks carry our loads to the base camp next day.

Day 12 - 15: Trek to Cho Oyu base camp

We resume our trek up the long valley to base camp. For proper acclimatization, we spend 3 nights at intermediate camps at 5,200 and 5,450 meters before continuing to base camp. Move into the base camp. We engage the afternoon organizing climbing equipment for use on the mountain.

Day 16 - 40: Climbing the north-west face of Cho Oyu

At this juncture, we try the lower part of the mountain on the first day. We try to get as high as possible and have a good look at the route and the conditions on the mountain. At the evening, we return to base camp. After proper acclimatization, we climb higher and reach Camp 1 and camp 2. Upon arriaval at thses sites we make our best attempt for the the summit bids after a good period of rest at base camp. Return to the base camp by day 40.

Day 41: Return trek to road-head

Next, we return trek to the road-head with yaks carrying our equipment. Upon this trek, road transport awaits us. We spend the last night in tents.

Day 42: Drive into Nepal

The two days of road travel give passage us to Kathmandu. We drive for Zhangmu on the first day and cross the border into Nepal. Another 6 hours drive from the border all the way escorts us to Kathmandu.

Day 43: Arrive Kathmandu

Upon arrival in Kathmandu, we will return to the welcome haven of the Hotel. Once back in Kathmandu, Himalayan Glacier will host an evening barbecue to celebrate the expedition and as a farewell party to thank the Sherpa’s for their support and friendship.

Day 44: At leisure in Kathmandu

The leisure day just rest, relax and last minutes shopping if necessary.

Day 45: Final departure.

Free time in Kathmandu and transfer to the airport two hours before the departure of your flight
Cho Oyu Expedition
Cho Oyu Chinese Base Camp
Cho Oyu Expedition
Cho Oyu Climbing
Cho Oyu from ABC
Gigantic Cho Oyu

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