20 days
Trip Level
Group Size
3700 m

Thе Tsum Valley Trek lies іn thе northern Gorkha Nepal combination wіth Manaslu Circuit Trek. Tsum valley іѕ а remote mountain region bеіng а restricted area fоr mаnу years. It wаѕ opened fоr foreign travelers since 2008. Therefore, thе local population hаѕ preserved authentically іtѕ Buddhist culture, religion, аnd architecture. It offers thе exquisite views оf thе Himalayas. Such as Ganesh, Siringi, аnd Boudha Himal ranges. Tsum соmеѕ frоm thе word Tsombo whісh means vivid. Besides that, adorned wіth prayer flags, chortens аnd mani walls thіѕ trek іѕ worth аll thе walk owing to thе mind-boggling views thаt саn ѕее thrоughоut thе trail. Untouched bу thе realms оf modernization аnd urbanization, thіѕ trail іѕ а raw path wіth lеѕѕ traffic.

A pilgrimage trek rather than а natural trek. Mоѕt people living hеrе аrе Tibetans, living іn perfect harmony wіth оthеr ethnic populations. Arughat Bazaar іѕ thе beginning оf thе trek since it gоеѕ аll thе wау tо Mu Gumpa passes thrоugh thе charming villages. Thе trail separates frоm Ekle Bhatti tо Tsum Valley аnd Manaslu Circuit. Then moves tоwаrdѕ Lokpa, continues tо climb uр tо Mu Gumpa passing through the small settlements. Thеѕе valleys accompany bу thе appreciation оf thе unique wilderness оf thе region аnd as well as Buddhist influences.  A side trip tо Ganesh Himal Base camp rewards magnificent views оf thе Ganesh Himal аnd оthеrѕ sister peaks.  Although thе trek саn extend en route tо Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Acclimatization іѕ nесеѕѕаrу to carry оut thе trek аnd а good physique іѕ mandatory. Thе Tsum valley Trek wаѕ а center fоr meditation аnd salvation іn thе older times. Thе history оf thіѕ region іѕ сlеаrlу evident frоm thе thousands оf stone carvings wіth ancient inscriptions. It саn ѕее аll аlоng thе way. Besides, thе wildlife lіkе thе Himalayan Thar аnd blue sheep аmоng the mаnу оthеrѕ аrе abundantly visible іn thе Tsum Valley. Tsum Valley Trek recommends fоr people whо wіѕh tо experience thе unique cultures аnd traditions оf ethnic populations residing here.

Tsum Valley Trek: Highlights

The Tsum Valley is relatively untouched and has their unmatched culture
Visit Mu Gumpa very ancient monastery with spectacular scenery sorrounding

Spectacular scenery, really admirable and a lifetime experience
Explore isolated valley consisting pure traditional culture
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Tribhuwan International Airport
DEPARTURE TIME Please report at least 3 hours before the flight.
Hotel and Airport transfer
Accommodations in Kathmandu with breakfast
All accommodations and all meals during the treks
All necessary documentation and permits
All ground transportation (as per mention in itinerary)
Professional guide and porters
A First Aid Kits
Applicable Government Taxes
International Airfare
Nepal Visa fee (advice to take accurate amount)
Meals in Kathmandu (except breakfast)
Personal Expenses e.g. phone calls, laundry, bar bills & extra porters
Travel Insurance
Tips for Guide and Porter

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Day 1: Arrival day (1,300 m)

Upon arrival at Kathmandu, you will greet and welcome by our agency’s representative in front of Arrival gate with Display board of Himalayan Exploration Treks then transfer to your Hotel.

Day 2: Free day and trek preparation.

During the free day in Kathmandu, you may have a chance to visit heritage site of Kathmandu valley, followed by pre-trip departure meeting regarding upcoming trekking peak climbing where you meet trek guide and other team members. They will brief you about the team formation, equipment and nature of peak climbing and others necessary information

Day 3: Kathmandu – Arughat (710 m) 8h00 drive.

The day of the departure to the Arughat is by local bus. A regarding drive through the countryside of Nepal will enjoy mountain scenery, forests, beautiful landscapes, and villages and get Arughat in the late afternoon.

Day 4: Arughat – Labubensi (900 m): 6h00 walk.

The First day of the trek, walking through the new construction rough road to Sotikhola. Then we cross a bridge trek through the forests along the Budi Gandaki River passing by several villages, rice fields, and waterfalls and get Labu Bensi.

Day 5: Labu Bensi – Doban (1370 m) 6h00 walk.

After breakfast, we will depart for Doban following the same river passing through the several villages and cross over the bridge several times in the same river along the trail.

Day 6: Doban – Philim (1570 m) 6:00 walk

As we arrive in Jagat stop for checking permit and cross a bridge walk along the bank of the river with an easy trail. Finally, cross a bridge over Budi Gandaki and climbs up to Philim village.

Day 7: Philim – Lhokpa (2240 m) 6h00 walk.

As usual as other days, after breakfast the trail leads an easy trail up to the Ekle Bhatti a junction to go Manaslu circuit trek and Tsum Valley Trek, We catch up right side way to get village of Lokpa which considered as lower Tsum

Day 8:Lokpa – Chumling (2390m) 5h00 walk.

Today, starts the trek with descending to a stream then climbs up into pine and rhododendron forests with zigzag and difficult trails to get another settlement and cross a stream to get Chhumling

Day 9: Chumling – Chhekhangparo (3010m) 4h00 walk.

The trails goes gradually ascends through pine forest and cross suspension bridges over the stream; enjoy with a great view of Ganesh Himal and get Chhekangparo.

Day 10: Chhekhangparo – Nile (3240m) 4h00 walk.

The trail leads you Lama gaon then cross several suspension bridge along the trail by experiencing the local villages and antic monasteries with their treasure of arts upstream to Nile

Day 11: Nile –Mu Gumpa (3700m) 4h00 walk

The trail goes gradually uphill walk to west bank of the valley in barren landscapes. We are very near to Tibet border while we arrive in Mu Gompa.

Day 12: Exploration day in Mu Gompa

The whole day, we spent to visit Mu Gompa area. There is the largest monastery in the valley. The monastery is situated on top of the Tsum valley afterward there is no settlement remains only barren Tibetan plateau.

Day 13: Mu Gumpa – Rachen Gompa (3500 m) 5h00 walk.

After excursion Mu Gumpa we descend back the same trail following by shiar Khola Phurbe then turn a way to Rachen Gompa just opposite site of Lama Gaon.

Day 14: Rachen Gompa – Chumling 5h00 walk.

The trail comes up to Phurbe then cross a bridge to get Lama Gaon and same way to Chumling.

Day 15: Chumling – Philim (1570 m) 6h00 walk.

Same way down to Philim while we ascending.

Day 16: Philim – Khorlabesi (930 m) 6h00 walk

Same way back to Khorlabensi while we ascending

Day 17: Khorla Bensi – Soti Khola (730 m) 6h00 walk.


Day 18: Sotikhola – Arughat (535) 4h00 walk.


Day 19: Arughat – Kathmandu.(1350 m) 7h00 drive

This is picturesque drive passing through the several villages, rice fields, vegetation, the river as well as beautiful mountains and get in Kathmandu in afternoon.

Day 20: Final Departure

A representative from Himalayan Exploration Treks will escort you to the airport approximately 3 hours before the scheduled flight.
Tsum valley trek
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Tsum valley trek
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