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From the mystical lands of Dolpa, the Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek lead to a beautiful high-altitude landscape to Annapurna. This trek is strenuous with five high passes over 5000 meters. Dolpo is ideal and enjoyable for monsoon spending, thanks to its diverse terrain and vibrant culture. Located in the magnificent Himalayas, it is what we call an area with the “rain shadow.” Although the rain may help farmers in the lower regions to thrive, it does not increase the amount of plant growth. If you are looking forward to clearing blue skies and the smell of crisp outdoors, it indeed starts to rain.

It is true that the Upper Dolpo to Jomsom is not famous for its highest peaks, such as Everest and Annapurna, but this culturally isolates Tibetan country of Nepal is attracting the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. The region expects to see an increasing number of visitors improving on the Juphal airfield near Dunai. Some people in Dolpo are nomadic, so they move from place to place where new and greener pastures can find for their livestock to graze, and thereby create a straightforward way of life. The Upper Mustang is a place whereas ancient ruins and picturesque mountains lie towards the south. It is one of the most preserved regions in the world.

The unique culture and historical monuments make it seem as if it came straight out of a storybook. The Upper Dolpo to Jomsom trek is the right way for those looking for an adventure route. There is no doubt that you could never be bothered by a distinct trail, from arid and dry high-altitude areas to subtropical and terraced rice paddies.

What to expect in Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek?

Trek through off the beaten track of Nepal that only a few visitors will ever see.
Witness the hunt for yarshagumba in the spring, a bizarre, highly – looking caterpillar fungus for medical qualities

Buddhist’s holy place Crystal mountain and Shey Gompa, observe the unique Bon Buddhist culture
More than five high passes above 5000 meters extraordinary mountain views, meet local and visit monasteries

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Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek
Upper Dolpo to Jomsom
Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek
Upper Dolpo to Jomsom trek
Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek

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