13 Awesome Travel Hacks That Will Make You A Better Traveler
Travel Hacks

Traveling is great hobby, and in fact, the best one. Traveling takes you to new places, lets you befriend new people, helps you gain new experience, which is impossible to achieve staying in one place. While traveling, there are so many travel hacks that you can follow to have an amazing journey, and to stay away from all the problems.

In this blog, we’re going to offer you 13 awesome travel hacks that will make you a better traveler. If you’re an avid traveler, and feel the need to travel frequently, then you need to keep these tips up your sleeves.

Research The Place and Plan Your Trip

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Before you visit a place research about different attractions that the region has to offer. Plan an itinerary beforehand so that you don’t feel lost after reaching the place. Also, make sure to include variations in your itinerary. For instance, include a historically significant place, a scenic spot, an amusement park, couple of iconic restaurants, and so on, so that the trip seems more filling.

Check Fight Schedule And Check In Early

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Always check your flight schedule 24 hours early. This way you would get to know if there are any changes in flight timings. You can also check for cancellations, and if there are any, you can go for better seats. To get better seats, you can also check in early at the airport. The earlier you are, the better seats you can choose. Also, it’s always the best policy to leave home early, as there’s always a chance of traffic jam, and you don’t want to miss your flight.

Use Online Booking Portals And Apps

By using online booking portals and apps to book your flight, bus, or train tickets, and hotel rooms, you can get great amounts of cash back. Even up to 30%! You can use this cash back to pay for other things that you book using the same portals and apps. Most of these websites and apps also offer refunds, with or without penalty, in case your trip gets cancelled. It’s a great travel hack to save money, and an amazing example of budget travel.

Keep A Photo Or Print-Out Of Your Passport

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It is always a great idea a keep a photo of your passport on your phone or cloud, and a print out in your bag. There’s always a chance of credentials like these to go missing, or get stolen, and you definitely want to be prepared for all such situations.

Don’t Carry A Lot Of Cash

Quite like credentials, even the cash can go missing, or get stolen. So, always make sure to keep only a little amount of cash in your bag. Also, when service providers realize that you’re carrying a lot of money, they tend to charge you more, and so you have no option apart from paying them lump sum. And finally, when you carry less cash, even you’re inclined towards controlling your expenditure and spending less amount of money. An important tip for budget travel, and a great travel hack to save money!

Have An Extra Outfit In Your Carry-On

This is something that you need to do as a prevention. In case your suitcase arrives late at your destination, or gets lost, you’ll have atleast one spare set of clothing to change into for the time being. So, it is always crucial to carry one extra set of clothing in your carry-on bag.

Carry medications for Jet lag And Proper Sleep

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Always make sure to carry your medication in your carry-on bag, and not just your regular ones, but also the ones for jet lag and proper sleep. These medications would ensure that you don’t fall sick, and your physiology is in the best condition, whether you’re in the flight, or laying over.

Carry Your Bag Over The Shoulders

It is recommended especially to the tourists to carry their bags over their shoulders while walking. Tourists are an easy target for the mugs. It’s a common thing for the thugs to snatch the bags off travelers’ hands and run away. When you carry your bag over the shoulders, they think twice before pulling off the act. Also, it is recommended to carry only zipped bags, as it’s too hard to pickpocket from a zipped bag.

Download The Map of Region Or Country

Downloading the map of the country or region that you’re traveling in allows you to track your location, and find the way to your destination, even when you’re offline. Internet may not be available at all places, and you don’t want to feel lost just because there’s no internet. Quite a handy trekking hack!

Always Have Some Snack In Your Carry-On

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You never know when you might feel the need for a bite, whether you’re in the plane, at the airport, or walking around in a foreign city. It feels good to know that you always have something to munch on even when you’re a mile away from the nearest eatery. Useful especially as a trekking hack!

Keep An Extra Phone Charger

A lot of travelers tend to forget their chargers especially at the hotel, or other places of residence, where they charged their phone overnight. One of the worst things to happen to a traveler is for their phone to be dead. A way to tackle this problem is to always carry a spare charger in the bag, so that you can plug your device to the nearest port, every time it indicates low battery.

Get Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance helps cover your expenses in cases such as medical emergencies, flight cancellations, and any other urgent situations. It really depends on the policies of the company you’re taking the insurance plan from. It’s an amazing thing to do, but make sure to properly go through the documents, before you sign up.

Use Compact Packing Techniques

A lot of travelers tend to carry multiple bags because of not being able to fit everything that they’re carrying in one bag. With proper packing techniques, also referred as compact packing, you save a lot of space in your bags. Sometimes, even up to 50 percent. You can save maximum amount of space while packing clothes, but it has to be done correctly. It’s especially beneficial as a trekking hack.

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Always consider these travel hacks while traveling, whether you’re heading to a regional destination, or an international one. Following these hack will ensure that you have the best experience traveling, and that you’re safe from all the troubles heading your way.

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