Why must you travel to Nepal? The Top 8 Reasons to Visit Nepal in 2022
Travel to Nepal

Nepal is one of those countries that though devoid of enormous beaches is blanketed with the cover of mountains. And visiting Nepal could be on your top list post the devastating earthquake. It captivated the minds of millions of people across the globe. Nepal has regained its essence to warmly welcome tourists. Even though the hotels, trekking companies, and restaurants are seeking money from tourists, travel to Nepal would not require a second thought. This landlocked Himalayan country provides the finest of everything for all types of tourists.

Reasons to travel to Nepal

Sometimes, it so happens, the tourist avoids traveling to countries. That had recently experienced attacks from terrorists or faced natural calamity. They do not consider traveling safe and deem it as if the country has some bad omen attached to it. You might also be wondering is Nepal safe to visit this vacation? The recent findings reveal that Nepal has not witnessed a significant amount of travelers after the earthquake.

But it has been around for three years and if you are looking for a place that would provide the best trekking experience. Then, feel free to travel to Nepal. You can have your Nepal holidays planned by various touring companies and also have prior knowledge about the Nepal trip cost. Here are eight compelling reasons to travel to Nepal at least once in your lifetime.

  • To experience the diverse culture:

Nepal is home to more than 60 ethnic groups and 124 spoken languages, each with its language, beliefs, festivals, and art. To give you an idea of how diverse Kathmandu Valley is, consider the Newar people. They speak their own language – Newari or Nepal Bhasa – and they celebrate their own festivals such as Swati. Visiting Nepal is an excellent way to step outside of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the country’s diverse cultures.

  • To explore 10 amazing UNESCO heritage sites

Nepal is a country with both natural and cultural treasures. UNESCO has designated ten historic sites in Nepal as World Heritage Sites. Kathmandu Valley alone includes seven UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites among these ten sites. There are three more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal, in addition to Kathmandu. Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, and Lumbini—the birthplace of Gautam Buddha—are among them.

Patan Durbar Square
  • To savor Nepali cuisines

According to the Nepalese proverb “Mouth is the gateway to the soul” You may expect the greatest meals to delight your taste. Nepali dish is undoubtedly delicious since it draws on a variety of ethnic and cultural influences. Daal and Bhat are common Nepalese cuisines, while Momo is undoubtedly one of the country’s most popular foods.

  • To meet friendly people on the Earth

People in Nepal are extremely friendly and welcoming. They believe that guests are gods and will do everything they can to make you feel at home. They never fail to provide you with tea and assistance when you need it. If you ask a friend who has visited Nepal before, they will tell you how friendly the Nepali people are. It’s no surprise that there’s a saying that if you come to Nepal for the mountains, you’ll come back for the people.

  • An ideal destination for trekkers & adventurers

This is a great spot for hikers and explorers. Nepal is the ideal destination for those who enjoy trekking and adventure. Thousands of visitors come to Nepal every year in search of adventure. Nepal has a lot of hiking and adventure opportunities even though it is a Himalayan country.

Nepal has a wide variety of hiking trails and itineraries to enjoy. Apart from trekking, you may also attempt mountain biking, rock climbing, white water rafting, snow skiing, bungee jumping, sky diving, hot air ballooning, paragliding, and other adrenaline-pumping sports.

  • To plunge into one of the world’s most stunning lakes

Nepal is home to 5,358 lakes. Nepal is a land blessed with the gift of nature, from the highest lake in the world (Tilicho, 4,950 m) to the deepest lake at the highest altitude (Shey Phoksundo, 145m deep at 3,600m height). There are about 200 lakes in Nepal, most of which are glacier-fed high-altitude lakes above 4,000 meters above sea level. In addition to boating and paddling, these lakes in Nepal offer a wide range of water sports for tourists.

Phoksundo Lake Trek
  • A paradise for mountain junkies

Mountaineering enthusiasts would find Nepal to be a wonderland. Nepal is known as the “Land of Mountains” because it has over a hundred snow-capped mountains in a tiny geographical area. Despite being landlocked and having a small geographical territory, the country is home to eight of the fourteen highest mountains over 8,000 meters.

  • Get a feeling of peace

Nepal is far from prosperous, but it is a fantastic spot for anyone seeking peace and tranquility. Traveling to Nepal is a journey to inner serenity in itself. It has a charming, relaxed atmosphere with all the comforts of a sophisticated country. There is nothing like the serenity of the countryside, yet even a leisurely ramble around Thamel in Kathmandu may provide a moment of respite. Also, the lake city of Pokhara, where you can breathe fresh air and gaze at the peaceful lake, is a great spot to relax and unwind.

Nepal Exploration Tour

Traveling to Nepal

Everest Base Camp Trek: The Everest base camp trek is one of the top activities on the bucket list of people that make people go crazy about Nepal. People from across the globe flock to gather and indulge in the hike to the Everest base camp trek. Gauging at a height of 5,364 meters above the ground along with the astonishing view of the mountains. The trek to the world’s highest mountain peak is worth attempting. The entire trip of Mount Everest hiking in Nepal is of five to six days. As tourists love to go down steady learning and training themselves to have one of the best experiences of their life. 

The authenticity of Kathmandu: To strike the best and make the most of your travel to Nepal, you cannot afford to miss the city of Kathmandu. Knowing for its traditional culture, the city has a plethora of chaos, smells, sounds, and action which will give a different flavor of the country. The city houses the Durbar Square which was once the place for crowing the kings and ordaining them. The place is fenced with temples and courtyards. Even though the city was shattered in 2015 by the earthquake, the city has a lot to offer to its tourist and range high in spirits to welcome all. 

Travel to Nepal

Hike at Annapurna Circuit: Travel to Nepal is incomplete without trekking Annapurna Circuit. Regarded as one of the best routes for hiking, the trek starts at spreading across the area of 160 to 230 km wide. The circuit is 5416m high. Unlike, the Everest base camp trek, the hiking activity at the Annapurna Circuit is of longer duration. Also being tough, the trek lasts for nine to twenty-five days. The entire trek is taken anticlockwise due to the presence of a gradient traversing amidst a plethora of landscapes. And also cutting the high Himalayan mountains.

Adventure to unlock: Travel to Nepal is you are of those who wish to have a sudden adrenaline rush. The jungle in Nepal is not just to offer a mesmerizing experience of Safari. But also a multitude of activities that leave the visitors amazed and stunned. The pool of adventurous activities includes mountain biking crossing, rafting across the wild rivers, motorbikes to add thrill, and mountaineering. The heart-throbbing bungee jumping and the hot air balloons answer your question as to why visit Nepal. The aesthetic view of the landscape and the adventures etched upon them turn Nepal the best place to visit this year.

Even if this is not enough and you seek more, then Nepal would never disappoint you. To add more to your thrill, the country allows you to engage in waterfall climbing on ice. It literally uses the ice blocks to vertically scale up the frozen fall.

About Nepal

Travel to Nepal

A country that is considered the safest place. Traveling to Nepal alone would never be a thing to be bothered about. The local people are amicable and hanging out with them would add more joy to your travel to Nepal. One of the facts that stay unknown about Nepal is the local people. They are very proud of themselves and their country. As it houses rights of the world’s highest mountains offering the tourist not to have a look at those acclivitous hills but also set up their spirit to opt for short treks in Nepal.

The activity that drives the primary attention of the tourist and compels them to visit the place includes Annapurna Trekking. Apart from the adventure that pushes the attraction of the tourist, the hustle and bustle of the city of Kathmandu compel the tourist to witness the madness that city envelopes into. You might be wondering what drives people crazy about Nepal? Here, we give put some light on why people travel to Nepal.

The country is a sea to adventure, having the world’s best heritage sites. Along with offering so much to travel to Nepal, the country is highly affordable and caters to the pocket of every visitor. People can spend less and enjoy more. Not just the sightseeing but also the wonderful cuisine are budget-friendly. A place with natural beauty would offer tranquility and serenity to rejuvenate the experience of people traveling to Nepal.

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