War Tourism After the Conflict.
Guerrilla Trail Trek Nepal

Guerrilla Trail Trek Nepal, part of Rolpa and Rukum were getting popular once after the civil war of Maoist. Most of the village of Rukum and Rolpa were introduced due to the ten years of People’s war. Most of the People’s Liberation Army was of these places, and people suffered in this area too. The People war, it creates a history become the landscapes of this area as a tourism destination. Ten years of war had been taking through the town, which makes the development of infrastructure breakdown. Now a development plan is to keep on going. It creates a tourism product namely – WAR TOURISM.

A War Tourism Product: Guerrilla Trail Trek Nepal

Rukum and Rolpa is a beautiful district in the sense of natural beauty. Despite it, geographical remoteness, beautiful mountains, high mountain fields, traditional culture, costumes and lakes, it’s places can be a tourist destination. But the country of natural beauties, Rukum, and Rolpa through the different feature is to identify with War Tourism. Rukum and Rolpa became synonymous with Peoples’ war and identified as Guerrilla trail trek Nepal. It was challenging for the people of this area to come down the city. If they told their home is Rukum or Rolpa that targeted by government security forces. Although many villages suffered from conflict, burned the villages, hundreds lost their lives, thousand missing and displaced. Because of the war, many people suffered at the time: Rukum – Rolpa identified by the war that attracts tourists to make it through the war tourism.

Whаt іѕ Guerrilla Trekking?

The Maoist’s “people’s war” guerrilla or combatants to use the trail during the conflict is introduced as guerrilla trekking. The trail is to see the fossils guerrilla war that has been preparing this trail. Maoist combatants, they used a tough path, walked through the dense forest, and have taken shelter in the remote areas. The trail connects all the places whereas the conflicts happened. A most secure location for the Maoist in the ten years, essential and secret war-related activities that conducted in this area.

The Maoist held the meeting of the supreme leader, amidst military training and attracted to Government security forces. They made ditch (saying bunker) to fight against India, where collects the weapons. The Maoist has formed a parallel government, developed its curriculum and started people’s school. They began commune. All these things as a glimpse of the Guerrilla trail trek, that is still possible to observe during the trek.

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